Kiri laid back on the inflatable pool toy and bathed in the warm glow of the summer sun, she could feel it charging her powers, and a shiver of pleasure ran down her spin. Not because of the power that she had, but because of the power she didn’t. Or at least that she no longer had.

There had been a time when she could have flown over to Dex and knocked him out in the blink of an eye, but now all she could do was float in the pool as uselessly as the inflatable toy she sat upon.

Dex hadn’t taken away her powers, on the contrary, he reveled in the knowledge she still had them and was simply now incapable of using them. At least in any way he did not approve of, of course.

To her own horror though, she enjoyed her own inability to use her powers almost as much as Dex did. Just the thought of being limited, controlled, reduced, sent her pussy quivering.

She wanted so badly to listen in on what Dex was discussing with the man he was standing beside, she could easily do it with her super-hearing, but instead she remained unaware as he had clearly told her not to use her powers without his explicit permission.

Her nipples hardened at the thought and she let out a low moan as her hands drifted towards her pussy and tits, but they never made it there. Another command Dex had given her, no masturbating. It only made it worse for her.

Her eyes turned towards the bright sun and she soaked it in as much as she could through the heavy layer of artificial tan that covered her skin. Dex had said she looked ridiculous floating around the pool with pale white skin that never changed colour.

He’d also had her put on the fake nails and makeup that made her look like some vapid bimbo.

“Kiri, fly on over here.” she heard Dex’s voice call out and her head snapped down to focus on him. Her lips curled in to a smile and she floated up and off the pool toy, her powers coursing through her. As floated over slowly and then landed on her toes in front of him.

“Yes Dex?”

“Kiri, this is Johnathan, an associate of mine. I’ve been telling him all about how you can suck a bowling ball through a hose with that super breath of yours and he’d like to see a demonstration…”

She nodded her head, “Of course Dex!” she replied before turning to Johnathan and dropping to her knees.

Kiri grabbed hold of each side of his pants and literally ripped them in two, along with his underwear, exposing his entire lower half to the summer sun. Then she quickly wrapped her lips around his now hardening shaft and got to work.

She heard Dex walk off, but she paid it no mind, all of her attention was on the cock between her lips. She knew it wouldn’t be long before he was cumming down her throat, and she also knew she’d finally, after days of floating in the pool by herself, she’d orgasm when he did.