A hands on kind of leader...

Thursday September 22, 2022

God Tawnya couldn’t believe she was actually doing this, sure she needed the job, but did she really need it this much?

It wasn’t like it was her dream job or something, just another job that paid the bills. When she’d taken it she’d promised herself that she wouldn’t let Ron get away with treating her like a piece of meat, something he was well known for around the office.

He’d gone through a dozen executive assistants over the last few years, each one getting fired for any number of lude missteps in the office. The last one had been caught sucking the dick of one of the mail room guys out behind the building during one of his breaks!

But slowly, but surely, he’d pushed her boundaries a little bit at a time. Innocent enough requests at the time, like when a high profile client was coming in and he asked her to dress a little differently. Or when he mentioned that one of her new favorite skirts really needed to have stockings to go with it. Or how a different hairstyle and makeup went better with the new top she’d bought.

Each time it had pushed her farther and farther away from what she was comfortable with, at least until she became comfortable with the new normal, and then he pushed her even farther.

Right up until this very moment, when she found herself half dressed, sitting on the conference table across from desk, a camera in his hands and a flash going off.

“That’s great Tawnya… but could I suggest something?”

She wanted to say no, to tell him she really had to get back to her own desk, that she had work to do, but instead she felt her head nodding up and down.

“Well, that top is kinda bending in with the conference table a bit too much, not giving enough contrast, why don’t you take it off.”

She looked down at her top, and then the deep red of the conference table and furrowed her brow. She could understand when he was saying, even understand that he was technically right, but something in the back of her mind wanted her to say no, that she shouldn’t take her top off in the office.

Instead, her fingers undid the final button holding the blouse together and she slipped it from her shoulders, exposing her hard nipples and small breasts that were being pushed up by her under-wire bra.

The flash went off again and she let out a small gasp, and then blushed profusely as her pussy tingled. Without a thought, she uncrossed her legs and her fingers slipped between her legs.

“Hey Tawnya, come over here!” Ron called over and Tawnya finished taking a sip from her drink before replying.

“Sure baby, hang on! giggle” she shouted back and set the drink down and wiggled her ass over to where Ron was sitting around a table with a few other men.

She snuggled in beside Ron and draped her arm over his shoulders, “Like, what’s up baby?”

“Hey, you remember Jim my boss…” Ron said, pointing to one of the men, “And Howard, my CEO, right?”

“Oh my gawd, like hi guys! Of course I do! giggle” she replied, pushing her chest out and giving it a wiggle from side to side.

“So, as I was saying…” Ron continued, “It took a little longer than I expected to get the program just right, but Tawnya here is was my first successful test subject.”

Tawnya’s eyes nearly crossed each other as the words went straight over her head, but she just continued to smile at the men around her.

“I was wondering if you’d ever get it working!” Howard exclaimed in annoyance.

“I never had a doubt… though it did seem like at least one of those misfires would torpedo the project at the very least.” Jim interjected.

“Yes, well, I’ve already tracked off of them down and made some updates to them. They aren’t any danger to the program now.”

The two other men nodded looking pleased with the news.

“Ron, I don’t recall Tawnya’s breasts being so large…” Howard asked leadingly.

Ron smiled, “Well Tawnya, don’t keep Howard guessing…”

Tawnya’s face lit up with excitement as she stood up straight and grabbed her bikini top and pulled it to the sides, exposing her tits.

“…and tell Howard about them.”

“Oh my god, like, Ron totally got me my big fake titties, cause, like, he said he couldn’t fuck my tiny little old ones! giggle

“Tawnya, why don’t you take Howard over to the pool house and show him how good you are at your new job.”

Tawnya giggled and wiggled her way over to Howard, who was standing up. She slipped in beside him, guiding his hand to her ass, as they walked towards the pool house.

She couldn’t believe how lucky she was, to have finally found her perfect job, and with Ron no less!

She never would have thought that extracting every single drop of cum from every single guy that Ron told her to would, or even could, be a job. But here she was, living her dream and she couldn’t wait to get finished with Howard so she could get to work on Jim as well.

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