A hands on kind of leader...

Thursday September 29, 2022

“Oh my gosh, not Cindy!” Janice exclaimed as her hand raised from below her chin to cover her mouth before returning to rest on the back of the booth divider.

“Shhhh… not so loud.” Tammy replied, staring daggers at Cindy.

“Opps, sorry.” Janice half whispered.

“I know right? She seemed so… perfect.”

Janice nodded in agreement, “Do you think… he’ll be able to help her?”

Tammy rolled her eyes and gave a little laugh, “Well of course he will silly, Dr. Ford is the best!”

Janice giggle a little, “Oh you are so right Tammy!”

Both women seemed to get lost in their own thoughts for a moment as a content smile crossed both of the lips.

Janice was the first to break out of her memories of her time With Dr. Ford, “So… do you know why her husband sent her back for more sessions?”

Janice knew many women who had been patients of Dr. Ford’s, they tended to form small groups, to support each other after their time with him was over. It was… unusual to say the least, for them to have to go back for more sessions with Dr. Ford. In fact Janice had never heard of such a thing.

Tammy looked over her shoulder and around the cafe before leaning in and whispering her gossip to Janice.

“I’m told she refused to let her husband take her in the ass…”

“OH MY GOD!” Janice half shouted and then quickly looked around the dinner, relieved that her outburst hadn’t attracted any unwanted attention.

“What was she thinking?” Janice said, quietly.

“I just don’t know.” Tammy replied, shaking her head, “I mean John takes my ass every Sunday night, just like any good husband does.”

Janice nodded, “Ron uses mine on Sunday and Wednesday… he says he likes the way I squirm and wiggle when he does.” she replied, a dreamy look crossing her face as she let out a contented sigh.

This time it was Tammy’s turn to be surprised, her mouth agape for a moment, “You lucky girl! What’s your secret?”

Janice shrugged her shoulders, “I don’t know… Ron’s just the best husband ever! Did I tell you what he got me for our anniversary last week?”

“No, what?”

Janice giggled a little and leaned in even closer, “New boobs!”

Tammy’s jaw dropped even farther this time, “But… but I’ve been after John for new boobs for so long! It’s not fair that you’re getting them before me!”

Tammy glanced from side to side before asking the question that was at the top of her mind,”So… uhm… how big are you going?”

Janice beamed in pride as she answered, “Well Ron wants me to get at least 600cc’s, but I think I should be able to go to at least 800.”

Tammy nodded in agreement and the furrowed her brow before leaning back a bit, “Alright, that’s it. I’m not going to take it anymore. I’m going to go right home and put on my best lingerie and when John gets home tonight and I’m going to demand he gets me a boob job!”

“You go girl!” Janice replied as Tammy stood up and hurried from the cafe.

Janice stood up shortly after having one last look at the massive ice-cream sundae on the table, leaving the cafe without have taken a single taste of it.

She hurried home, eager for Ron to return from work… after all it was Wednesday.

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