“Hey Jenni, come over here won’t you?” Coach Anderson called out and Jenni turned towards him in the fading light. The players had finished practice a while ago, but Jenni liked hanging out on the field afterwards.

giggle Like, sure!” she called back and wiggled her ass over to the coach and the man that was standing beside him.

She got there just in time to see the second man stare at her tits and she let out another giggle as she gave them a shake.

“Jenni, you remember Charles don’t you?” Coach asked and Jenni’s eyes moved up from his crotch to his face.

“Oh my god, like totally! It’s, like, been forever Chucky!” she replied and then threw her arms around him and gave him a big hug.

“Ugh… yeah, it’s been a while Jennifer.”

Jenni pushed back and pouted at him, “Like, call be Jenni! giggle

“Ah, sure Jenni, sure.” check replied, running his hand nervously through his graying hair.

“See Charles, what did I tell you?”

“I know… but.. I mean…” he said and then leaned in to whisper in Jim’s ear, “how?”

Jim chuckled a little, “Oh, you don’t have to whisper, this kind of conversation just goes right over her head. Isn’t that right Jenni?”

giggle Like, what? giggle” Jenni replied as she brought a finger up to the corner of her lip and used her other hand to play with her hair.

The two men had been talking about something, but all she was thinking about was how big Chucky’s dick might be and if she’d be able to get it all the way down her throat or not.

“See, right over her head.”

“Ok, but then how? I mean she’s the head of the athletics department!”

Jim chuckled again, “Not any more, now she’s the head cheerleader. You see, after she fired you, well, there was a bit of a backlash in the university. And not just the athletics department. Pretty much every department could see the writing on the wall. If the most successful coach we’d ever had could be fired for such a minor ‘political correctness’ gaff… well, no one was safe.”

“Sure, but…”

“It was the psychology department’s idea initial. They thought they could use subliminal messages to soften her stance, which worked to a degree, but not nearly enough. That’s when we brought in the pharmacology department and a few others. We hadn’t intended to bring in the surgical program, but, well they kinda found out on their own and demanded to participate.”

Charles just nodded along as Jim spoke and Jenni’s gazed passed between the two men’s crotches as she wondered if they might want to double team her in the locker room.

“It wasn’t long before we had her fully under our control.” Jim finished.

“Well, that’s amazing, but why did you invite me here?” Charles asked.

“Two reasons really. The first was to see if you wanted ‘settle the score’ with Jenni, she’s very willing to show you how sorry she is for what she did, aren’t you Jenni?”

giggle Like, totally! We should definitely go over to your place Chucky and you can spank me for how naughty I’ve been. Or, like, do whatever else you totally want to! giggle

Charles eyes went back to Jenni’s tits and so she gave them another jiggle and then squeezed them together with her hands, almost popping them out of her top.

“And the second reason?” Charles asked, managing to draw his gaze away from the two large round globes on Jenni’s chest.

Jim smiled, “Well, there’s an opening for the head of athletics… and who better than the winningest coach in the universities history to fill it?”

Charles and Jim gave out a hearty laugh at the same time and Jenni instinctively giggled alone with them, not having any idea what they were talking about but knowing the best way to get a man to fuck her was to giggle at anything they said that she didn’t understand.

“And what about Jenni?” Charles asked.

“Oh, consider her a signing bonus. It’s not like she can stay as head cheerleader, I mean, it kinda drew some unwanted questions from the students. She’ll need a more permanent position and I’m sure you’ll find the perfect one for her.”

Charles nodded in agreement, “In fact I have a few ideas already.”

Jim chuckled and slapped Charles on the back, “I’m sure you do.”

The two men turned and walked towards the change rooms, Jenni followed dutifully behind them.