Kiko reached around behind her neck and undid the strap of her bra, letting it go as she wiggled her hips to the sound of the thumping music of the club. It fell down over her toned abs, exposing her breasts and erect nipples to the man sitting in the seat in front of her.

She stepped forward and sat down on his lap, pushing her tits in to his face and swaying from side to side until the man reached up and grabbed hold of her tits and held her in place. His lips found her right nipple and and sucked it in to his mouth, flicking his tongue over it.

“Yes, yes, baby. Suck Kiko’s tit. Kiko love it. Kiko love you long time.” she said in a broken english accent that made her sound like she was just off the boat.

Nothing could be further from the truth. She was fourth generation american, university educated, and until recently, a highly paid member of a well known law firm.

The man’s hands reached around her and grabbed her ass as his teeth clamped over her nipple and he pulled back, extending her nipple and tit as he did so.

“Oh baby… yes!” she said as he let go of her nipple and then gave her ass a good hard slap.

“Slap Kiko’s ass! Slap Kiko’s ass harder!” she cried out as she pushed her tits back in to his face and he complied with her request.

The man’s hands slipped up from her ass to her waist and he gently guided her back and around, so she she could lay back on to his chest. His hand moved up to her tits and played with them firmly as she wiggled her ass in to his crotch.

“Mmmm… baby, you make Kiko so horny!” she said as he twirled her nipples between his thumbs and fingers.

“Fuck, I can’t wait to get hold of your new tits Kiko.” the man said and Kiko shivered in pleasure.

She was scheduled for her next surgery in just two weeks and most of her regulars knew it. This one was no different.

“Yes, yes, Kiko get big fake titties for you baby.”

She’d paid for her first surgeries with her savings, but she was earning enough now at the club that she no longer had to. Instead, men like this one, paid handsomely to spend time with her and maul her body like a piece of meat.

She regretted taking the case that caused her downfall, though it wasn’t her fault and she could never have been expected known what was to come. It had been just another civil lawsuit, from an unhappy neighbour of the club, that she expected to make a quick buck on.

That idea had only been re-enforced when the owner of the club had invited her to a meeting, without a lawyer. She was sure she was going to bury him if he tried to defend himself.

Instead, when she’d left the meeting, she’d found herself and her client, agreeing to drop the case. In fact the client had agreed to move far away, and Kiko had agreed to start working at the club.

Kiko still had no idea how he’d done it, but she knew he had done something to her mind. Within weeks she’d quite her job, started going to the gym, watching bad asian porn, researching cosmetic surgery.

The man pinched her nipples and pulled hard on them, distending them from her body as far as they would go, “AAAAhhhhhh… yes baby!”

Her hands reached under her ass and found his hard shaft under his pants. She stroked it several times, “Kiko so horny baby! Kiko wanna suck cock! You let Kiko suck cock? Kiko promise happy ending!”

The man let go of her nipples and they bounced back to her body, she didn’t waste any time as she slipped down between his legs and twirled around, her fingers quickly undoing his pants and pulling them down. Her hands wrapped around his shaft as she looked up at him, extended her tongue and then licked his from it’s base to it’s tip before plunging down on it.

She bobbed up and down, the sounds of slurping and sucking coming from her, until she tasted the first spurts of cum flow in to her mouth. She pulled all the to the top of his shaft and worked his with her hands, getting every drop she could in to her mouth. When he was done, she leaned back and opened her mouth, showing him the cum that filled it, before she closing it and swallowing the entire load.

Then, she gently took him back into her mouth and suckled him until he was completely lip.

A few minutes later she walked out of the VIP in to the main area and looked around. It was mid-day, but there were a half dozen girls walking around the club, all of them drop dead gorgeous and willing to do anything the clients wanted for the right price. She knew there were more in the VIP, doing exactly that.

A shiver of fear ran down her spine as her gazed crossed the front entrance of the club and she saw the owner talking to a blonde woman in a business suit… a women she recognized from her old firm named Roseanna. She wanted to run over and tell her to flee the club, to run away and never return, that it wasn’t worth it, but instead her feet carried her to the back room to get ready for her next client.

Perhaps Roseanna would be smarter than she had been, see something was off about the club and the owner… but she doubted it. Just like her, she was sure Roseanna was only seeing the easy win in front of her and not the danger.

The only thing that made it worse, was that Kiko knew that the owner had just “let go” of one of his best girls to a regular that paid a handsome sum for her. She had been a blonde too and very in to bondage, deep down Kiko knew that Roseanne would be as well soon enough.