Linda was nervous, her hand instinctively fixed her hair and then rest on the control collar for just a moment as a wave of calmness washed over her.

It was no longer locked to her neck, and hadn’t been for quite sometime. It’s original purpose long ago fulfilled, she now wore it as a comforting reminder of her purpose in life, as well as an advertisement to those that knew what it was that she was property that was owned.

“Are you ready?” a man’s voice asked and she turned to the doorway to see him.

He seemed familiar, perhaps one of the technicians that had originally worked on her? Perhaps, but those memories were distant and fuzzy, thought she was pretty sure if she saw his dick she’d be certain one way or the other.

“Yes Sir.” she replied and stood up, swaying her hips from side to side as she walked to the doorway and the man lead her down a hall to another room. This room was more relaxed than the one she had just been in, darker tones, more masculine. Which made her pussy buzz in excitement.

The man that had lead her there left, leaving her with the two men that were seated at large leather chairs in the center of the room.

“You know, I’m surprised he let her go. He was very satisfied with the results.” the first man said to the second.

“Well, I can be quite persuasive when I want to be. In the end I made him an offer he couldn’t refuse.” the second man said, the later part of his response in a bad impersonation of Don Corleone.

The first man chuckled a little at the joke, “You’d be surprised how often that happens in this business.”

The second man nodded and then looked up at her, a hunger in his eyes that made the buzzing in her pussy even worse.

They both stood up and the first man continued, “Well, as you can see, she’s in perfect condition. We had her in for a quick once over, but nothing major, just a touch up here and there.”

The second man nodded.

The first man then reached into his pocket and pulled out a card and showed it to her, her eyes rolled into that back of her head and closed as the programming took over, “Recognize ownership transfer.”

Her eyes snapped open and she spoke in a clipped tone, “Transfer acknowledged.”

Then her whole body relaxed and she smiled at the second man and stepped in close to him, “Hi, what should I call you Sir?”

“You can call me Reggie in public and Master in private.”

“Yes Master.”

Her Master smiled and nodded, sending a shiver of pleasure through her.

“Anything else?” he asked of the first man and got a shake of his head in response.

“All good, enjoy your purchase. And as always, let us know if we can provide any other services for you.”

“Thanks.” her Master said and then walked towards the door, Linda followed him, her nervousness long gone as her new owner now had taken possession of her.