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Jen shielded her eyes from the pounding sun as he laid by the pool and looked over at Congressman Powell. The warmth of the day made the latex she wore feel almost liquid. In turn, that made her pussy buzz all the more.

He was on the phone, talking to some constituent that couldn’t take the hint that he wasn’t going to be giving him any more help. She admired the Congressman’s patients, and his generosity.

She’d been his mistress for almost two years and he never left her wanting for anything. He’d given her this condo that had it’s own pool, an almost unlimited expense account to buy all the latex she could ever want, the least she could do was focus on making him happy in the few hours that they had together each week.

He finally hung up the phone and stood up, walking over to her and smiling as he looked down, “God, those idiots just never get the message until you hit them over the head with it.”

She smiled and raised a hand up to him so he could help her get up, he steadied her as she tottered of her towering heels until she was steady on them.

“Well Sir, you know you never have to hit me over the head with anything you don’t want to.”

The both smiled and he reached around and grabbed her ass and then buried his face between her breasts.

“God I love the way you grab my latex covered ass Sir!”

He continued for a few moments and then lifted his head up and over to one of her nipples that had hardened enough to be visible through the latex. His lips found it and his tongue flicked it repeatedly.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” she cried out.

Then he pulled all the way back, grabbed her latex covered hand and nearly dragged her over to the table he’d been sitting at. He placed her hands on the table top and kicked her feet to the sides, before he grabbed a small plastic sword from the drink he’d been sipping on.

A single poke of the tightly stretch latex cover her ass destroyed yet another outfit, but at the same time exposed her dripping wet pussy.

Moments later he was fucking her, and she was orgasming, knowing she was doing everything she could to support her Congressman.