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“Hey babe, look over here…” Jen’s husband called out from across the court and she looked up and smiled, pushing her chest out as far as she could.

Jeremy was a hot ticket on the tennis court and Jen often came out to hit a few balls as well when he was practicing. It didn’t hurt that there was almost always a paparazzi around taking photos of Jeremy with her hanging off his arm. A little shiver of pleasure ran over her, she just loved bing on display with her husband!

There was a man standing with her husband, camera in hand, pointed right at her and so she posed for several shots before Jeremy waved her to come over. She skipped her way over and leaned up against Jeremy, wrapping her arm around him, and him doing the same, but his hand coming to rest on her ass.

“So when should we arrive?” Jeremy asked of the man.

“Oh I don’t know, give me a couple of hours to setup the studio… so say 7 o’clock?”

“That’s fine, but if you leak this to anyone…” Jeremy said menacingly.

“Hey, don’t worry, I’m not some sleaze ball. You’re paying enough to keep me quiet all the way to my grave.”

The man left and Jeremy leaned over and gave the top of her head a kiss, “Babe, you know that red leather corset you have?”

God did she! She loved the way it pushed up her tits perfectly for Jeremy to fuck them!

She nodded and smiled up at him, “Why don’t you head home and get ready, the man that just left has agreed to do a video for us.”

“Oh my god, are you serious? I’ve always wanted my own sex tape!” she beamed up at him.

“Don’t worry though, it’s just for us.”

She gave a little pout, “Really… awe…”

Then a wicked little smile cross her lips, maybe if she got an even bigger set of tits, he’d let her release it because it wasn’t “her” anymore.

She skipped off to the locker room, eager to get home and get ready for her big role staring in her own sex tape.