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“Hey Jen, how’s the recovery coming along?” Doctor Thomas asked.

“Ok, like hiya Doc! Like, great!” Jen replied and grabbed a hold of her new tits and gave them a little jiggle, “Like, no pain at all! giggle

Jen loved working for Doctor Thomas, he was a great boss and gave all the employee’s free cosmetic surgery too! The only problem was that he never fucked any of his staff and Jen really thought he should.

Fortunately she found lots of the male clients that came in for work to be done were more than will to bend her over and fuck her senseless.

“That’s great to hear, so have you thought about your next procedure?”

She giggled, smiled, and nodded, “Like, of course!” she said, turning around and wiggling her ass in his general direction, “Like, I totally need more junk in this trunk! giggle

The Doc stepped up and took hold of her ass, clinically examining it and Jen almost had an orgasm. God, why wouldn’t he fuck her?!?

“Well that shouldn’t be an issue, talk to Tammy to see when we can schedule you in.” he said and then his hands left her ass as he stepped to the side and over to the plank to get on his boat.

Jen pouted, but followed along behind him. She knew Tammy was a hard-ass about scheduling the staff surgeries, she always complained that they left her without nurses to take care of the patients. But for some reason there was never a problem with Tammy wanted a procedure.

As soon as she stepped on to the Doc’s boat though her lips turn up into a broad smile, “Like, hi Dave!” she squealed and ran over and through her arms around the man that was waiting there.

“Hi yourself Jen!” the man replied wrapping his arms around her and grabbing her ass, “Did I hear you say you were going under the knife to improve this?” he asked shaking her ass and then giving it a gentle slap.

giggle Like, yeah! I can’t wait!” she replied, smiling up at him.

Then she frowned a little, “But, like, maybe you could tide me over for a little while?” she asked, biting her lower lip which reminded her it was time to get them refilled.

Dave squeezed her ass hard and chuckled, “Well, maybe…” he replied and Jen smiled, giggled, and then pushed him backwards towards the sleeping quarters.

At least if the Doc wasn’t going to fuck her pussy, he’d provided someone that would fill up her ass with cum until the Doc got her under the knife to fill it with something more permanent.