“Simon says… put your hands on your head.” Evie raised her hands over her head and set them on top of her jet black hair.

“Really, that’s it, all you have to do is say ‘Simon says’ and she’ll do it?”

“Yep. Simon says… Alegro face.” Evie smiled, stuck her tongue out, crossed her eyes and placed her hands beside her head flashing peace signs with both of them.

“Of course, that’s just how I have her setup at the moment. Just a fun little game I like to play with them.”

“Hahaha, well it is kinda appropriate that you name is Simon.”

Simon smiled and nodded, “Yeah, it is some kinda of poetic karma or something, that’s for sure.”

The other man paused for a moment and looked a little worried, Simon chuckled a little before be continued, “Spit it out, I know you have questions.”

“Yeah, I mean of course, I just don’t want to… offend you or anything…”

“I’ve heard them all before, you won’t offend me by asking.”

“Ok, well, I mean… I’ve known Evie for a long time, she’s a total grade A bitch, with a spine made of pure titanium… how did you do it?”

Simon chuckled again, this time louder, “Well, that just made it easier. I mean that kind of woman isn’t even looking for someone to slip past her defenses and fuck with her mind. She thinks she’s in control at all times and doesn’t even notice the little tweaks I make. By the time she realizes her mistake… well, it’s too late.”

“Shit… amazing.”

“Anyway, time to get things wrapped up, if that’s alright with you. I’ve got a new client to meet after this.”

“Of course, of course!”

“Great.” Simon said and then looked back at the still cross-eyed face of Evie, “Simon says… you are Ralph’s person fuck toy, do whatever he wants from now on.”

Evie’s eyes uncrossed and locked on to Ralph’s, a smile cross her lips as her hands slipped down to her hips and rested there as she cocked them to one side.

“I’ll leave you too have some fun. You’ve got my number if she needs any tweaks in the future.”

Ralph nodded and smiled as Simon walked out of Evie’s apartment to the sound of Evie’s knees hitting the floor.

Simon enjoyed these simple jobs, making a new mistress for a wealthy married man was easy money. And he’d grow bored of her at some point and then Simon would get a call, and another paycheck, to make changes to her.

It was the curse of these kinds of men, they knew exactly what they wanted, right up until they had it. Then they wanted something else. Evie would be no different for Ralph, and Simon expected several years of repeat business.

As he walked towards the elevator his phone chimed and he took a look at the message. A broad smile crossed his lips as he had been expecting the message for a few weeks, another client was looking to make some changes, and this one wasn’t going to be cheap. Public figures never were, but then again, they were also the most fun to work on and watch the changes take effect across the news media.

The elevator arrived just as he was messaging back the client and confirming the date and time of their meeting. It was far enough out that he hoped the client would have a good cover story for the changes he wanted, but he doubted it. Fortunately the public never seemed to grow tired of seeing their idols fall from grace and he was sure it would be no different this time.