“Mom… what are you doing?!?” Casey whined as she stood in front of her mother holding the umbrella.

Her mother had brought them to the beach to celebrate Casey’s 18th birthday. Well that and show of her most recent “upgrades”, her Mom was always looking for her next rich ex-husband now that she’d left… Jason? Or was it Daryl?

Casey mentally rolled her eyes at the number of men that passed through her mother’s bed and was just glad she hadn’t inherited her gold digging ways. Casey was off to college with a full ride scholarship based on her accomplishments, not her looks.

“Oh, hi baby! Like, I’m just being useful!” her mother replied.

Casey had to admit that holding up an umbrella was one of the most useful things she’d seen her do in a long time, but that was beside the point. Instead, Casey’s eyes drifted downward to the man that was sprawled out beneath the umbrella.

“And who’s this?” Casey said with a raised eyebrow and a little disdain in her voice.

The man finally seemed to noticed her and perked up a little.

“Oh my god, like, isn’t he the best, most handsome guy you’ve ever seen! I’m so lucky he’s finding me useful!”

Casey took a second look at the man and was confused, sure her mother didn’t have much in the way of standards, but even she had some. They guy was even older than her mother and not in good shape. Bald, with a bit of a guy, crooked teeth and a pock marked skin.

Casey took a step back as the man stood up and grinned at her from under the umbrella.

“Well hello there, I didn’t know that…” he started to say and then paused, his eye’s darting up to the corner as he obviously tried to remember something, “…Sandy?… Yes, that’s it. I didn’t know that Sandy had a daughter here with her today.”

“Oh my god babe, I’m sorry, I totally should have said something!” Sandy replied, stepping up behind him and wrapping her free arm around him.

She pushed herself up against his body and whispered into his ear, “Like, let me make it up to you, let give you a blowjob babe!”

“Now, now Sandy, not in front of your daughter.” the man said and looked up and down Sandy’s body with a predatory stare.

Casey gave him a disgusted look in return, she knew she’d inherited her mother’s good looks, but unlike her, she was still young and all natural.

“Look, I don’t care what you and my mother do together some other time… but we’ve got a dinner reservation in an hour so we have to get going or we’ll be late.” Casey said and then crossed her arms under her breasts and looked as determined as she could.

The man smiled with his crooked teeth and a chill went down Casey’s spine.

“Oh, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. Just relax a bit.” the man said and suddenly Casey felt her mind defocus for a moment, when her focus returned she was no longer worried about the dinner plans, they had lots of time, and if they missed it, so what?

“Well, ok, sure. They’re not all that important I guess.” she replied and the man nodded.

“Of course not. You know, Sandy is a little old for my tastes, though I love what she’d done with her body, she really knows how to grab a man’s attention.”

Casey frowned, he shouldn’t be talking about her mother like that should he? Then she remembered to relax and she let it wash over her and slide off without thinking much more about it.

“You could learn a lot from her really. How to really pump up that body of yours and the best way to show it off. I mean, she’s very good at both of those and I’ve always heard that if you want to know what a woman is going to look like when she’d older, just look at her mother.”

Casey felt her mind defocus again for a moment and then return.

“Well… I’ve… I’ve heard that too. I just… I mean… I just never found a way to ask her to show me how she does it.” Casey replied, blushing a little.

“Oh honey, I’m sure Sandy would be happy to help, wouldn’t you Sandy?” he said, turning his head toward her mother.

“Oh my god, of course! I’d love too!” Sandy said with a giant smile across her face.

“That’s great to hear Sandy. I’m sure you’ll be able to show Casey how to stuff those tits full of silicone, puff up those lips and look like a complete bimbo fuck doll just like you.”

Casey let out a little giggle and then smiled, “Like, is that true Mom? Are you gonna show me all that stuff?”

Sandy smiled and nodded, “Like, of course baby, of course!”

Both women giggled and smiled and before she knew it the man had his arm around her waist and she was leaning into him on one side. Sandy had dropped the umbrella on the ground and was on the other side of him as the three of them walked away from the beach towards his car.

“You know, I was planning on just using Sandy as a prop for the umbrella today and then dumper back on the beach, but I’m glad you came over and interrupted us Casey.”

Casey giggled and smiled, “Like, I’m so happy I did to!”

“I know you are.” he replied with a chuckle.

Six months later…

Casey leaned up against the palm tree and pushed her tits out as far as she could, just like her Mom had shown her how to. She was standing just a few feet away from her Mom, who was still holding the umbrella like always, for the man that both of them thought of as Master.

She knew he had another name, and if the circumstances required it, she could even say it. But in her head he was Master, always.

Casey had really blossomed, with the help of her Mom, over the last few months. Dropping out of college, undergoing several plastic surgeries at her Mom’s direction, learning how to dress properly, and most importantly, how to suck and fuck like a real bimbo fuck doll.

Her Mom had helped with that too! She giggled at the thought of all those nights spend with her Mom learning how to properly suck cock, how best to give a titty fuck, how to take a cock in her pussy or ass with equal enthusiasm.

Just thinking about it made her want to crawl over to Master and wrap her lips around his dick!

“Casey… Casey is that you?” came a timid voice from a few feet away.

Casey opened her eyes and looked over at Brittney, her best friend from high school.

“Oh my god, Britney!” Casey called back and waved at her friend who was working her way over. The looked just like Casey remembered, short brown hair, pale white skin, lathered in sunscreen, and a bathing suit that her grandmother might wear.

“Casey, I can’t believe it’s you… I mean.. you’re… you’re so different!” Britney stuttered out.

“Like, I know, right! giggle I’m so fucking hot now!”

Britney recoiled at her statement, then looked over to Sandy and Master, both of which had taken notice of her.

Britney then leaned in a little and in a soft voice spoke, “Casey… so you need help? Why don’t we go somewhere and talk?”

Casey giggled, “Like, of course not silly! What would I need help with?” Casey said, waving her hands up and down her body, showing it off to her friend.

“And, like, I’ve totally got this palm tree all by my self!”

Britney looked confused for a moment, “What… what do you mean you’ve got it?”

giggle Like, I’m totally being useful and holding it up all by myself silly! giggle” Casey replied and Britney looked shocked at the answer.

Britney took a step back, looking horrified, but just as she was about to turn and leave she saw the man that had been laying on the cot under the umbrella walk towards her. Instinctively her eyes darted over to him as he smiled at her.

“Britney? Right?” he asked.

“Ugh, yeah.” she replied without thinking about it.

“You know… I bet you could learn a lot from Casey…” he said and Casey watched Britney’s eyes defocus for a moment.

Casey let out a fit of giggles and clapped her hands, she couldn’t wait to teach Britney all the things her Mom and taught her.