A series of captions based in a world where a new laws, or “acts”, have been passed by the government that change the balance of power between men and women.

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“Please Sir… don’t I look slutty enough?” Kendra said, her lower lip quivering, a slight whimper in her voice.

“Fuck no, I told you when I started this that you’d be the sluttiest looking fuck doll out there!” he shot back.

It had been a hard six months since she’d been convicted of attempting to leave the country and sentence to ten years.

The implant had really been doing a number on her since then, keeping her under almost constant control. Of course when she’d been assigned to Wayne to serve out her sentence, things had only gotten worse.

Wayne had been chasing after her at work since the acts had come into effect, trying to trap her, trick her, or do anything else he could to get his hands on her legally. She’d avoided everything, and finally had secured enough money to make her escape from this hellish country once and for all.

Unfortunately, while she’d been avoiding his tactics, he had been keeping close tabs on her and found out the details of her escape. It took only a single call to the authorities to stop her in her tracks.

Kendra felt the implant come to life and her lips curled upwards into a smile against her own will. She felt a little tingle in the back of her head and she knew what it wanted, but refused to give in. Instead, her lips moved once more.

“Oh thank you Sir! This fuck doll can’t wait to be the sluttiest fuck doll every!” her voice said as her hands reached up and squeezed her tits.

It was those little things in her thoughts and words, when she was allowed to actually speak, that told her that she was losing the battle.

The ‘Sir’ she’d refereed to him as of her own accord, thinking of her breasts as tits, they were slipping in more and more often.

And he seemed to be enjoying it too. For the first few weeks, he’d just let the implant controller her completely, then, he’d turned it down and let her speak her mind. He’d laughed a deep belly laugh as she’d spewed out a series of obscenities at him.

Those days were long gone though, now when he let her speak her mind, she tried desperately to control herself. Yelling at him only made what came afterwards all the worse, especially when the implant sent waves of pleasure through her as he was doing it.

Her body stepped forward and wiggled its way towards him, dropping down to its knees when it arrived, her face beaming up at him in joy.

“Please Sir, may this fuck doll suck your cock? It knows it’s tits aren’t big enough, it’s waist small enough, it’s lips plump enough, but it is desperate to serve…”

Hearing the words come out of her mouth made her pussy buzz, or more accurately, the implant made her pussy buzz after making her say the words, but either way the result was the same, a wave of pleasure each time she subjugated herself to him. It was getting hard not to do it on her own.

Soon he was pumping his cock into her face, his hands firmly holding on to the back of her head, her lipstick smearing all over his shaft and her hands furiously rubbing her own clit.

She couldn’t tell anymore if it was the implant controlling her hands, it was just to hard to resist the urge to rub it whenever his cock was inside of her mouth.

Then, like always, his cum flooded her throat and her orgasm crashed over her. The last thought that passed through her mind as she slipped from his cock and blacked out from the pure bliss that the orgasm brought, was if she needed to buy more lipstick or if she had some of the slutty pink he preferred still left.