A hands on kind of leader...

Thursday January 26, 2023

“Puh… puh.. please Sir… no more… I believe you…” Jill stuttered out as she held up her hands and pleaded with Tom.

She hadn’t believed him when he said he could warp reality to his liking, it was ridiculous!

She’d been a little more open to the idea when he suggested they head up to his room and instead of throwing her drink in his face, she’d nodded, smiled and let him lead the way.

But she was a little tipsy even before he’d approached her in the hotel bar, and a little horny too, so she’d passed it off as just being away from home and wanting a little adventure.

She’d even humoured him and stood in front of the couch as he sat on the bed, right up until all of clothing flowed like water from her body and disappeared. She’d stood there, her slightly flabby body exposed to him, and done nothing.

At least until she felt reality changing around her; her breasts firming up and expanding, her waist contracting, her hair flowing down her shoulders, years dropping off of her. She’d been amazed at first as the changes were nothing she, or anyone else would have complained about, until they just kept going and going.

It was when the chromatic metal started to appear over her skin that she’d finally been able to say something, and she hadn’t even noticed referring to him as Sir instead of Tom.

For his part, Tom just smiled as the metal continued to flow over her body, covering every inch of it from her neck down to her toes. Then, reality warped one last time and she felt her mind spin out of control.

“Hello Sir, and welcome to the hotel. I am your personal gynoid attendant. How may I attend to you this evening?” Gynoid 1237 said.

Tom didn’t respond, instead just leaning back on the bed and unbuckling his belt and Gynoid 1237 walked forward and bent over, wrapping it’s breasts around his stiffening shaft. It pushed them together and rocked back and forth, performing the first of many tasks for the room’s guest that evening.

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