Jen looked over at Rick standing in the doorway to her room, “Hihi!” she said and waved at him.

He smiled and a shiver of pleasure ran through her body. It hadn’t always been that way, she’d taken the job as a live in maid to help pay for school and save on rent.

It had seemed like a good idea at the time, Rick’s house was close to the university, he was rich, and he only needed some basic help around the house. And the house was a marvel, filled with hi-tech stuff, including a whole home audio system that knew who was in each room and automatically played their favorite music!

Ok, maybe she had felt a little weird at first, living in a house with a man twice her age, but he was an absolute gentleman at all times, so that feeling had passed pretty quickly.

Things had started to go downhill pretty quickly though, not with Rick, but with her schooling. She’d started to find it harder and harder to concentrate on her studies and her grades had started to split as a result.

Then she’d started having huge fight with friends and family for no reason at all!

Fortunately Rick had been there all the while, in the background, helping out in small ways. Like buying her some new clothing when all the outfits she had just seemed… wrong.

And his friend at the salon had been a lifesaver! He’d spent hours getting her hair bleached and refused to take a dime.

There were bigger things too, like when he’d insisted on repainting her room, only to get paint on almost all of her furniture, and then simply replaced it all with brand new ones.

She got up off the couch and wiggled her way over to where Rick was standing, she looked up at him, her hands clasped behind her back as she twisted from side to side.

“Rick-san… can JenJen ask a question?” she asked in the soft bad accent that had become a running joke between the two of them. She as a fifth generation American after all, she had no accent.

“Of course JenJen, ask anything.” Rick replied.

Jen raised a finger up to the corner of her lip and titled her head to the side a little as she blushed, “JenJen like Rick-san, does Rick-san like JenJen?” she asked, her pussy quivering with need, her nipples rock hard.

She’d been working up to asking him for weeks, masturbating every night to the idea and how he might respond.

Rick reached up and “bopped” her on her nose as she chuckled a little, “Of course I like you JenJen, you’re a great maid!”

Jen’s face twisted in frustration as she stomped her foot on the floor, “No! No! Not like that Rick-San! JenJen real girl! JenJen wanna fucky sucky with Rick-san!”

The words tumbled out of her mouth before she even realized what she was saying, and before she could recover, Rick was kissing her.

When he broke it off, JenJen dropped to her knees and squealed as her fingers worked his pants, when his dick popped out, she knew for sure that Rick-san really did like her… and not just as a maid.

JenJen was going to be the best fucky-sucky girlfirend Rick-san could ever want.