A hands on kind of leader...

Saturday January 28, 2023

Tegan swayed her hips as she walked from her car, the sign in front of it read “HR Director – Tegan Williams”, just in time to “bump” into Daren, the CEO as he arrived.

“Good morning Sir.” she sung in the sweetest voice she could manage as she played with her hair.

“Good morning Miss Williams.” he replied in an all business voice.

Tegan suppressed the frown that tried to form on her lips, instead keeping them curled upwards, “Oh please Sir, call me Tegan.” she replied and ran her fingers down the arm of his suit jacket, sending a shiver of pleasure through her.

She’d been trying to get him to fuck her for what seemed like forever.

When she’d joined the company a year ago, she’d been just like him; formal, dark power suits, all business. She was after his job after all and that meant being ruthless.

At some point, after the first couple of months, that had started to change. A few failed attempts to embarrass Daren in front of the board had failed and she’d had to re-evaluate things. That and she was having a harder and harder time ignoring the growing need in her loins.

At first she’d tried to satiate it her regular boy toys, and random hookups at the club, but those soon fell woefully short of her needs. She had been masturbating one night when the image of Daren had popped into her head and she’d had an amazing orgasm.

Since then, she’d been unable to orgasm without thinking about him in some way.

When she’d first made some tentative gestures to see if he might be receptive to a relationship, he’d shown no interest. And she knew why, she’d been watching him for weeks by that point, and she knew she wasn’t his ‘type’.

She’d hadn’t been surprised of course, men were pigs, and his type was blonde, bright colours, and busty… in other words a bimbo.

“Sir, I was wonDareng if you had a chance to review my vacation request?” Tegan said as the two of them walked towards the front door.

“I have… it isn’t a great time… is it important?” Daren replied.

“Oh yes Sir… I have a surgery scheduled…”

Daren raised an eyebrow, “Nothing serious I hope? Everything is alright?”

She blushed, even though it was hard to tell under all the foundation she wore, “Oh it’s cosmetic… a boob job.”

The smile that Daren shot her as he looked at her cleavage made her legs turn to mush and she only barely managed to hold in the moan that desperately wanted to escape her lips.

“Alright, well, if you send me an e-mail explaining why this… boob job, is important to you, I’ll approve the time off.” he said as they entered the building.

“Of course Sir! You’ll have it before lunch!” she replied as they parted ways to head to their respective offices.

There was a pep in Tegan’s step as she walked down the hallway to her office, she’d been working so hard to get Darin’s attention and now she might actually have it!

All the time at the gym, at the salon, at the shops, online learning makeup, it was finally paying off.

She couldn’t mess up this chance and so she got right to composing the e-mail on the custom system that the company used:

To: Daren Michaels
From: Tegan Williams
Subject: Vacation request justification

Hello Sir, as discussed this morning I am undergoing a boob job, which is quite necessary.

Currently my boobs are too small to wrap around a cock and guys can't fuck my tits and cum on my face.

As, I'm sure you are well aware, a good bimbo fuck doll has to have a big set of fake tits and this is impeding my progress in my advancement towards my goals.

If you would like, I would happily drop by your office this afternoon and prove that, in fact, you cannot fuck my titties effectively at this time.

HR Director
Future bimbo fuck doll

She hit send and heard the little chime the system made, sending a shiver of pleasure over her. She hoped she’d gotten it right, that it was professional, but not too professional.

She didn’t have to wait long to find out, as an meeting invite appeared in her inbox from Darin titled, “Vacation request justification”, it was a two hour meeting and Teytey’s fingers dove for her pussy imagining all the things he’d do to her.

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