WonderSlut was having a real hard time keeping her titties in her top these days, they just kept wanting to jump right out!

Of course the fact that she couldn’t keep her own hands off of them didn’t help much either…

She let out a little sigh and grabbed her phone, there were no new messages, so she held it up and took a selfie and then added it to her FansOnly page with a quick caption:

"Come on guys, who wants to fuck these titties?  First one to pledge $100 gets anal too!"

She hit send and the message went out to her thousands of subscribers, it didn’t long for the pledges to start rolling in.

She let out a squeal and a giggle as she set her phone down and grabbed her tits again, her top giving up and sliding down her shoulders and around her waist.

God she couldn’t wait until she had enough cash to get her next set of implants!

Looking up at the sky as she played with herself she saw one of her old teammates fly across the city.

She pouted and still couldn’t understand why they’d kicked her out. Yeah she’d lost her powers and gotten totally mind fucked in their last adventure together, but they guys hadn’t seemed to mind when she was sucking their dicks!

It was those spiteful heroines that said she was giving the team a bad name that were to blame. She was sure they weren’t getting any, well, at least not as much as she was anyway!

She let out a sigh as she absentmindedly played with her nipples as she watched her former teammate turn around and head right for her.

A wicked smile cross her face as she knew her titties would be getting good and fucked by a super dick in just a few moments. That would hold her over until she could schedule her winning follower to come over.

She let out another giggle as a thought crossed her mind, maybe she’d better schedule the first ten pledges to come over, it was always hard to follow up a super dick with just one regular dick… but ten might do the trick.