“What? What’s wrong with what I’m wearing?” Lidia asked as she looked over at her boyfriend Dave.

“Nothing… absolutely nothing babe.” he replied and a slight hint of a chuckle under his breath.

They were just heading out to see her parents and have dinner at a fancy restaurant and she wanted to look her best, so she’d dressed up for the occasion.

It had been a while since she’d seen them, they’d been traveling in their retirement and communications had been a bit sketchy.

It was a good thing they were taking the opportunity as well, her father was getting on in years. While her mother was twenty years his junior and still had lots of time left, she worried about her sometimes with how long she’d have without her husband at some point.

Dave came up beside her and wrapped her arm around her waist, then firmly planted his hand on her ass and they were off.

“Mom! You look… so… ” Lidia said as her parents stood up from the table and Diane, Lidia’s mom threw her arms out to hug her daughter.

“Fantasitic? Wonderful? Hot?” her mother interjected before Lidia could finish her sentance.

“I was going to say… different.” Lidia finished.

Diane smiled and squealed a little, “I know, right!”

Lidia was having a hard time taking it all in. Her mother had always been a little reserved, beautiful but plain, a girl next door kind of thing.

The woman standing in front of Lidia had a mass of platinum blonde hair, caked on makeup, a massive rack, a sparkely sequin pink dress that showed miles of cleavage and hardly covered her privates, all stacked on top of heels that Lidia found hard to believe anyone could walk in.

Her mother finally landed the hug and Lidia felt a little pang of jealousy, she’d had her own tits done a few months ago and had been very happy with how large they were, but now, seeing her mothers even larger rack… well, she wondered if she should call the surgeon again.

The four of them sat down at the table and the men started to talk, it wasn’t long before Reggie, her father, turned to her mother and said something that Lidia couldn’t quite understand.

Before she could ask him to repeat himself, Dave said something to her and suddenly her mind kinda just blanked out for a moment. Then she smiled and turned to her mother and started to talk, completely ignoring the men.

“I like what you’ve done with Diane, Reggie. You can never go wrong with blonde buxom bimbo.” Dave complimented his father-in-law.

“Well, it’s all thanks to you Dave. I can’t believe the change in my little girl as well.” Reggie replied, nodding over in Lidia’s direction.

“Yeah, I wanted to go in a more subtle, stylish direction with Lidia.” Dave said and Reggie gave a chuckle.

“But not too sublte or stylish I see.” Reggie came back with and a wink.

Both men chuckled a little and then continued comparing notes over the last few months.

Dave’s subliminal application that he’d installed on both Lidia’s and Diane’s phones had done wonders to remake the women into more of what each man wanted.

And by the look in Lidia’s eyes as they stared at Diane’s larger tits, Dave was pretty sure she wasn’t done making changes yet.