Rachael came down the back stairwell of the school, with her phone to her ear and her other hand on the railing, only to look up and see Principal Hardcock’s stern face looking at her.

“I… I’ve got to go…” she said to her bestie on the other end of the call and quickly hung up, “Principal Hardcock, I… I didn’t see you there…” she stuttered, knowing she was busted.

He just shook his head and held out his hand. She blushed, took the final step off the stairwell, and then set her phone in his palm.

“I’m sorry Principal Hardcock…” she said in her most subdued voice she could muster.

“You know the rules Rachael, no phones inside the school. How many times is this now?”

She cast her gaze downwards and squirmed as she held her hand behind her, “3 times Sir.”

“Three?” he said accusingly.

“F…five… I mean five Sir.”

He shook his head again, “Rachael, I’m disappointed. Go to my office and wait there until I’m done my rounds.”

“Yes Sir.” she complied and hurried off.

Rachael sat in the chair in front of Principal Hardcock’s desk, her hands clasped in front of her, as he walked around behind his desk and took his seat.

“What am I going to do with you Rachael? Do I have to call your parents?”

Her eyes went wide and she shook her head from side to side, “Please Sir, don’t.”

“And what about the photos I found on your phone?”

“Eeep! You looked through my phone?!?”

“Of course, once I confiscated it I needed to make sure there wasn’t any contraband on it. But you seem to have a real fixation on your ass… hard to believe some of those pictures are real.”

“Oh they are real Sir, I promise!”

“Yes, but you promised not to bring your phone to calls the last time we had this chat… and the time before that… and the time before that…” he said waiving his hand in the air.

She looked from side to side for a moment and then a grin crossed her face, “I can prove it to you Sir…” she said as she stood up and walked around his desk. She turned around to face away from him, undid her skirt and let it drop to the floor, then bent over, all the way in half so she could grab her ankles.

With her right hand, she reached back up and pushed her panties to the side and then slipped her finger into her own ass, “See! I can really do it!”

Principal Hardcock stood up and took hold of her hand, pulling her finger from her ass, but held on to her hand so she was forced to remain bent over. He then took hold of her ass with his free hand and gently pushed her around until her back was up against his desk, trapping her bend over.

His hands grabbed hold of her ass and gave it a squeeze, “OH GOD! Principal Hardcock!” she said before letting out a low moan as he massaged her ass.

She hardly heard his pants hit the floor, but as soon as the tip of his dick pushed up against her tight rear entrance, her body exploded in pleasure.

“Yes! Yes! Do it!” she cried out and he pushed in, deep into her bowels.

Rachael smiled as she walked out of Principal Hardcock’s office, her phone safely tucked away in her purse.

She knew he’d catch her on it again soon enough, and she was looking forward to bending over for him again. Though if she was honest, she really wanted him to fuck her ass when she was on her back so he could see her face and exactly how much she loved it.

She looked down at her unimpressive chest and let out a sigh. Her surgery wasn’t for another two whole months… maybe she should drop by the surgeon’s office after school and see if she could convince him to move it up. After all, she knew he’d been staring at her ass as she left his office last time, and she was more than willing to prove to him as well just how much she loved her ass.