“Well hello again ladies…” I said to the three women who approached me in my club.

“Hi!” The blonde on the left that looked like she was just about to panic nearly shouted.

The blonde in the middle rolled her eyes and smiled seductively at me, “Hello yourself…” she said in a half purr.

The brunette on the right just smiled and wiggled her tits at me.

It was quite the change from the last time I saw them, three months ago they’d shown at at my club and wanted to do nothing but cause trouble. Complain about everything, start fights, get guys kicked out. I know I’d taken action, though at the moment I couldn’t remember the exact words I’d said to them.

They were also looking quite different. The blonde on the left had been a brunette, with dark eyeliner and an almost goth ascetic. She still had the eyeliner.

The blonde in the middle had been the wallflower of the three, dressed nicely, but taking the lead from her friends.

And the brunette had been the stylish one, her hair in a neat bun, wearing an almost masculine pants suit.

“Now, what were your names again?” I asked.

“Tiffany!” the near panic blonde shot out first.

“Alexandria.” the middle one purred once more.

“Corina.” the third one replied.

“Well Tiff, Lexi, Cory, I see you took my advise to heart.” I said and watched them all close their eyes for a moment as my power pushed their new names into their minds.

Lexi was the first to come around and she stepped forward and placed her hand on my chest, “Oh absolutely, you were so right about us.”

Cory, not wanting to be outdone, walked up beside me and pushed up against my arm, wrapping her tits around it as she leaned in to my ear, “You have no idea… I want to show you how right you were so baaadly!” she said and the sucked on my earlobe a little.

Tiff stiff walked over to my free side, still looking like a dear caught in headlights, but couldn’t pull off her friends obvious sex appeal, instead she went with a more direct approach.

“OH MY GAWD! Can I like suck your dick?” she blushed profusely and then giggled.

I chuckled a little and Tiff’s face crashed down, “Oh don’t worry Tiff. Tell you what, why don’t you wander around a bit and see if you can get ten guys to pay you for a blowjob. If you do, I’ll let you suck my dick.”

“Really?!? Oh my gawd, like, I’ll be back sooooo soon!” she squealed and then bolted towards the dance floor.

“And what about you?” I turned to Lexi and asked.

“Mmmm… baby, I don’t want to suck your cock, I want to ride it like a cowgirl and pump for all I’m worth. Then I want to feel you fill me up until I can’t take any more.”

I gave her a little bop on the nose and smiled, “Well, you’d best follow your friend then. If you can get 10 guys to pay to unload in your pussy, I’ll let you ride me as long as you can. At least after a shower and a thorough cleaning of course.”

She smiled and ran her hand along my chest as she walked out to the dance floor as well.

Cory stepped around in front of me and smiled, draping her arms over my shoulder and pushing her tits out.

“Let me guess… ten guys to pay for it for me too?” she said before I could say anything. Just as I was about to she placed her finger on my lips.

“Sssshhh… don’t say anything, I’ll be back soon…” she said as she started to walk away.

I grabbed her hand and stopped her, finally remembering what I’d told each of the three of them.

Tiffany had been “I don’t need any brunette bitches in my club, come back when your a blonde bimbo.”

Alexandria had been “Don’t come back until you can stop supporting that wall and be the slut you were meant to be.”

Corina had been “If you want to dress like a man you should take it in the ass like a man. Don’t come back until you know it, and can show it.”

I pulled Cory back in close to me, reached around and grabbed her ass, giving it a slap as well.

“Where do you think you’re going? You think I’m going to let anyone else tap that ass before I do?”

She shivered in my arms and cooed a little, “Oh baby, that’s all I wanted to hear. You can tap my ass anytime you want!”

We headed back to the VIP, her friends milling about the dance floor, offering themselves to anyone who would pay them.

The club was quite, it had closed almost an hour ago, but Tiff, Lexi, and Cory were still here, laid out on the couches in various states of undress.

Cory was naked, except her shoes and her gloves. She was also face down on the couch, her ass in the air and some of my cum running down the inside of her thigh from her asshole.

Lexi’s dress was pretty much ripped in two. the top half barely hanging on for its life. She was sitting on a couch, her head tilted all the way back as her lets were splayed apart. Cum was dripping from her pussy.

Tiff was the only one that was still fully dressed, at least with the exception that her tits were no longer contained by the dress she wore. There were cum stains all down the front of the dress, and several runs of cum along the sides of her mouth and chin.

I pulled my pants up and walked over to Tiff and leaned over, whispering into her ear, “Next time you come to my club, there had better be more silicone in those tits and lips than there is flesh… you’re going to be a great little plastic bimbo for me.”

I watched her shiver as I walked over to Lexi, “You’ve come a long way, but still have some distance to go. Fix up those roots, go heavier on the makeup, be more colourful. The next time you come to my club you’d best be a loud and proud whore that loves to be seen.”

Lexi gave out a little gasp as I walked over to Cory, “You’ve turned out the best Cory, so good in fact that I’m going to keep you here in the club. You’re going to be my complete anal slut. You’re going to tell everyone you mean how much of an anal slut you are, that you’re my anal slut, that you love having my cock in your ass more than anything else. And when you do, you’re going to cry out to the heavens and shout my praises every time.”

I walked away, leaving the three friends there to process their new realities.

Assuming Tiff and Lexi completed their changes to my satisfaction the next time they came to my club, I’d keep them around as well. I was always rotating in and out new girls to keep the customers happy.

My current bimbo was getting a little long in the tooth, it was time to retire her anyway. And Lexi, well, you could never have too many whores in a club like mine.