Barbie raised her hand to her forehead and held her head for a moment as she looked at the webcam and the ring light that surrounded it, “Like, sorry baby, I totally gotta go. I’ll make it up to you next time, I promise, ok?”

The man on the other end of the call smiled and nodded, “Sure, no problem, hope everything is ok…”

“Sure, totally babe, thanks… kisses!” she said and then blew him a fake kiss before disconnecting.

She scrolled through her address book and quickly dialed Dave’s number, the chat window showing “Please wait, connecting to Master…”

She scunched her forehead as the call connected and then Dave’s face popped up on screen, “Hey Barbie, what’s up?”

“Daaavvvve, like those silly thoughts are back… and I’ve got such a headache from them…”

“Well that will never do… do you have a dildo handy?”

She giggled and rolled her eyes, “Like, of course!” she replied, reaching to her desk and picking up her favorite pink rubbed dildo and showing it to him.

“Good, stick that between your lips and give it a suck.”

She did so, letting it slide between her lips and to the back of her mouth, the silly thoughts getting pushed down a little as it went farther and farther back.

“Alright, now pop those tits out.”

She let go of the dildo, still sucking on it, and used her hands to get her tits out from her outfit.

“Perfect, now use one hand to play with your tits and the other to play with your pussy while you listen to my voice.”

She grabbed one of her nipples and gave it a twist, the fingers on her other hand rubbing her pussy before sliding between her wet folds.

“Barbie is a horny little webcam slut, she loves showing off her body and performing online.”

A little shiver ran through her as he said the words.

“Barbie doesn’t think about anything other than being the best little webcam slut she can be. Barbie loves being an empty headed bimbo that does whatever she’s told to.”

Barbie sucked the dildo in need, it stopping only when the artificial balls on it hit her chin. Her one hand let go of her nipple and grabbed hold of her tit, squeezing it hard. The fingers on her other hand slipped from her pussy and slapped it several times, causing her whole body to twitch from the pleasure.

“Barbie is property, owned by her Master.”

Her hand came down on her pussy one last time and a massive orgasm crashed over her, causing her to spit the dildo from between her lips and cry out in pure ecstasy.

When she recovered she giggled and looked directly into the webcam with a giant smile on her lips.

“How are you feeling now Barbie? All those silly thoughts gone?”

“Like, totally Master! Barbie is an empty headed bimbo webcam slut just like you made her! giggle

“Good to hear. By the way, didn’t I tell you to upgrade those tits last time we talked?”

Barbie pouted and nodded in agreement, “Like, the Doc said he couldn’t fit me in till next month… even after I blew him.”

Dave shook his head and chuckled, “Yeah, I guess I am sending him a lot of work these days. Oh well, maybe I’ll have to get a second plastic surgeon on retainer.”

She just giggled and smiled as he spoke, it all going in one ear and right out the other.

“Oh, by the way, good job recommending Stacy. She’s coming along well, quit your old firm two weeks ago and already has a pretty large following online.”

Barbie giggled again in reply.

Dave shook his head, “You didn’t follow any of that did you?”

She giggled again and smiled, “Like, when are you coming over to fuck Barbie again Master?”

Dave chuckled and smiled, “Tell you what, give the Doc a call again and offer to let him fuck you any way he wants if you can get your surgery moved up. Then, after you get your new tits, I’ll drop by. How does that sound?”

“OH MY GAWD! Like, absolutely Master! I’ll call him right after this!”

“Alright, talk to you later. Hopefully this little re-enforcement will hold you for a couple of weeks. Shouldn’t be much longer until those silly thoughts don’t come back every again.”

Dave hung up and Barbie let out a squeal and a giggle, Master was going to fuck her soon!

She quickly opened up her contact list again and dialed the Doc, this time audio only… at least until he picked up, then she’d show him exactly what she had to offer him.