Jade continued to trace the lip gloss over her lips as the soft music played and the calming lights slowly faded in and out of each colour.

She was staring at the mirror intently, sure she could almost make something out just behind it but never quite able to do so.

Two quick knocks at the dressing room door brought her out of her daze, “Jade, you’re on in five… get a move on.” the voice of the bouncer called out.

She blinked and quickly put her lip gloss away, “Be right there!” she called out and stuffed the bottle into her small purse and picked it up before almost running to the door and flinging it open.

The thumping sound of the music hit her like a brick wall but she pushed through it and towards the main floor of the club. Several of the other dancers pass by her and she caught a glimpse of another dancer, still in her street clothes dive into the dressing room she had just vacated.

“Alright gentlemen, let’s put your hands together for Destiny!” the DJ called out over the PA system as the song started to fade out. Jade looked over at the main stage where the buxom blonde was just finishing up her set and pulling the dollar bills from her panty line.

“Hey…” one of the men she rushed past said and reached out for her hand.

She looked down at him and smiled, “Sorry babe, I’m up next… I’ll come back afterwards…” she blurted out and arrived at the foot of the stage just as Destiny was coming down the couple of stairs that lead up to it.

“For your viewing pleasure, please welcome Jade to the stage!” the DJ called out once more just as she stepped up onto the first step.

The three song set that she danced seemed to fly by and before she knew it she was naked, coming down the stairs that she had just ascended.

“Jade to the managers office, Jade to the managers office.” The DJ called out and Jade frowned, there were a least a half dozen guys that had caught her eye on stage and wanted dances, what did Mark want now?

She took the long way back to Mark’s office, making sure to promise to come back to each and every guy that wanted dances, then went right to the back rooms.

“Mark, what do you want… I’ve got customers waiting!” she said hurriedly as she stepped between the two chairs that sat in front of Mark’s desk and the desk itself.

Mark looked up and smiled, “Jade Juggles Juggs.” he said simply and Jade let out a gasp as she stagged backwards and fell into one of the chairs.

Her hands came up to her tits and cupped them, lifting them one at a time as she softly spoke, “Jade Juggles Juggs… Jade Juggles Juggs… Jade Juggles Juggs…” until she trailed off into silence.

“That’s good Jade, now how are the new tits working out?”

“Very well Sir, I have three new regulars because of them already.” she responded.

“And when was the last time you filled up your lips?” he asked, marking down notes as they spoke.

“This week Sir.”

“And how are they working for blowjobs? How has your deep throating practice been going?”

“Two of my regulars say they love my lips, a few others think they could be bigger. All of them say they love the look of them wrapped around their cocks Sir. I’m still having problems with my gag reflex, but it’s much better than it was. One of my regulars says he loves the way I gag when his cock hits the back of my throat and he holds me there.”

“Good, good. Now then, how many nights a week are you taking customers home with you?”

“Three nights last week Sir. I also have a regular that has a standing appointment with me on Sundays.”

“Any issue I should know about the other three nights you go home alone?”

“Well… I… I mean… not…”

“Spit it out Jade.”

“Sorry Sir, I mean, I have two regulars who will only agree to meet outside the club if… if I do anal.”

“And what’s the problem with that?” he asked.

“I… I’ve never done anal Sir.”

“Well, we can take care of that. Do you have any appointments booked after work tonight?”

“Not yet Sir.”

“Good, keep your schedule open and come back and see me. I’ll pop that anal cherry for you tonight and you can stop playing coy with those regulars.”

“Yes Sir. Thank you Sir.”

Mark nodded and then spoke again, “Juggs Juggle Jade.”

Jade blinked several times and the sat up straight in the chair, “Uh, sorry Mark, what did you want?”

“Oh, I was just wondering how your schooling was going?”

Jade blushed a little, “Oh, well, I… I dropped out.” she replied ashamed of her failure.

She’d been in her last semester of university for her law degree but it had just gotten harder and harder to keep up. And working at the club just seemed so easy… easy and profitable.

It had paid for her entire education, her luxury condo, her new tits and everything else that was good in her life.

“Well, don’t let it get you down, you can always go back next semester if you want.”

Jade nodded and smiled, “Thanks Mark. Uh, can I go? I’ve got customers waiting…”

“Sure thing Jade, get out there. I’ll see you later on.”

Jade got up quickly and made a beeline for the main floor, hopefully the customers had stayed around for her. As she walked there was a pep in her step that hadn’t been there before visiting with Mark, she could feel a sense of urgency and nervousness all combined into one.

Almost like she couldn’t wait for her shift to be over, but also like she never wanted it to end.

She brushed it off and found one of the guys she’d seen while on stage and quickly sat in his lap. It wasn’t long before they were heading back to the VIP where she was just as quickly on her knees wrapping her tits around his cock and pumping it to the beat of the music.

It was just so easy to be the sexual object that all the customers wanted her to be, that she hardly even thought of being anything else anymore.