A hands on kind of leader...

Tuesday February 28, 2023

Abby gave a sideways glance at the guys on the other side of the pool wolf whistling at her, there was a time when she would have called for security to have them escorted out of the pool area. But then that was a time when she wouldn’t have been caught dead in a bikini, let alone the two thin strips of material that hardly covered her body that she was wearing now.

Instead, she pushed her sun glasses up her nose, smiled and gave them a quick flash of her tits. It lead to more whistling and several of them clapping as well.

Normally she would have headed over and seen if any of them wanted to grope her tits, or wanted a blowjob, or if she could entice them into a gang bang. Well normal for her now at least.

Today she had other priorities though, and so she pulled her bikini back over her tits and quickly walked towards the hotel, giving them a wave of hand over her shoulder as she wiggled her ass with each step.

She made her way to her room and had a quick shower, applied her makeup, got dressed to head out.

Abby knocked on the hotel room door and then took a step back and stood there waiting for it to open. When it did there was a hot little blonde standing there, and just behind her was Jason.

“Any other questions Cindi?” he asked and the blonde giggled and shook her head before flouncing out of the room and down the hallway. Jason then turned his attention to her and a shiver ran through her.

“Looking good Abby, come on it…” he said and held the door open, waving her inward. She didn’t hesitate and walked past him and into the main part of the hotel room.

“Take a seat on the edge of the bed.” he said from behind her and she did, he walked over to the chair that was across from the bed and sat down, picking up the tablet that was on it before he did.

“So Abby, how long has it been?”

“Three months Sir.” she replied.

“Time does fly…” he said with a whistle.

“Well, alright then, lets get down to business. How often are you having sex now?”

“At least twice a day Sir.”

He nodded and made a note on the tablet, “And how many of those are paid vs freebies?”

“Maybe 30% are paid Sir.” she replied.

He gave a little nod and gave a half frown, “Not bad for three months in. And your…” he started and then checked something on his tablet, “…job as a lawyer?”

“I was fired for indecent conduct Sir.”

He smiled and waved his hand in a rolling motion, “…and…”

“I was caught giving a blowjob to the opposing council in a settlement meeting Sir.”

He gave a hearty chuckle and smiled, “Yep, that would do it.” he said, making more notes on the tablet.

“Well, I think that just about covers it Abby. Any questions before I let you go.”

“No Sir.” she replied, and he really didn’t have any.

He’d worked for one of the firms she’d been suing on behalf of a client and she had all the dirt she needed to bury them. That was until Jason showed up at her office for a meeting and used some kind of device on her. After that, things had gone downhill fast.

He hadn’t been shy after that, explaining in great detail what was going to happen to her and that there was nothing she could do about it. She hadn’t believed him at first, but it didn’t take long for her to come around.

“Good. I knew you were going to be one of the smart ones.” and said and then stood up, setting the tablet back down on the chair.

He fished a hotel room key from his pocket and held it out to her, “Take this, go to room 3756, there’s a client waiting for you there.”

“Yes Sir.” she replied and took the key.

“Oh, by the way, since you are one of the smart ones, I’ll give you a little advice on this one. Make sure he’s happy… no matter what. You want to be on his regular list, it will make things go much easier for you in the long run. He has a habit of keeping the ones he likes as exclusives, which means you won’t have to see any other clients.”

She smiled and nodded, “Thank you Sir.” she said and then left the room

Abby stepped out of the classic car, she was dressed in colour co-ordinated outfit that showed off her body, as Dan held the door open for her.

“Oh Danny, you so nice to Abi.” she said as she popped the lollipop from between her lips and slipped her sun glasses from her nose. She hung them on the bikini top’s strap that was strung between her tits and then reached out and stoked his chest with her hand before wiggling her hips and stepping right up to him.

“Abi wanna be nice to you too…” she said and then pushed herself up onto her tippy toes and kissed him on the lips. He responded in kind and grabbed her ass and gave it a squeeze.

Dan loved her playing the hot little asian car model. Jason had been right about him, it hadn’t taken long before Dan had made her exclusive and brought her out to his mansion full time.

Jason was also right that it had paid off as she really only had to “work” two days a week, on the weekends when Dan drover around the state in his classic cars and attended car meets with her on his arm.

The rest of the week he was off working, and her time was her own.

Dan broke off the kiss and pushed back a little, she smiled and gave his her best smoldering stare, which was more than enough. He grabbed the lollipop from her hand and tossed it over towards the fence, then grabbed her hips and turned her around.

She knew what was coming and quickly got into the role, “Danny, you make Abi so horny…” she let out in a half whine as he bent her over at the waist and her hands found the plush material of the car seat.

She spread her legs apart and then flipped her skirt up, revealing her bare pussy. Moments later his pants hit the pavement and his cock pushed into her.

“Yes! Yes! Danny fuck Abi! Danny fuck Abi long time!” she cried out as he moved in and out of her.

She knew it was ridiculous, she had a law degree, she was a lawyer!

She mentally corrected herself, she had been a lawyer, she wasn’t any longer. Now she was a high priced whore, or at least she assumed she was. She never saw any of the money Dan was paying. All she knew was that whenever she needed money for clothes or makeup or anything else, all she had to do was put it on the card Jason had given her and it was paid off at the end of each month.

Dan reached out and grabbed her hair and pulled her back slightly, “Uuuuuuuuu… yes Danny, fuck Abi’s tight little pussy….” she moaned as he sped up his pace and then she felt him release inside of her.

She cried out as her own orgasm came over her. She collapsed onto the front seat of the car as soon as Dan let go of her hair and basked in the afterglow of her orgasm.

It was one of the good things about what Jason had done to her, no matter how bad the sex was, how inexperienced her partner was, she always had a mind blowing orgasm when she received a load of cum.

Between being exclusive to Dan and the mind blowing orgasms, it almost made her forget about her old life… almost.

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