It was humiliating, squatting down to the small mirror when a perfectly good full length one was right beside it. It was hard enough to explain why such a small mirror was placed so close to the floor, let alone try and do so with a straight face.

She’d landed on calling it her doggy mirror, explaining that her puppy liked to mimic her and have a mirror to look into when she was looking into the full length one. That was a lie of course, and she’d had to dance around it more than once when someone wanted to see it for themselves.

The truth was that she never used the full length mirror in the hallway, her owner had forbade it.

That thought send a shiver through her body… she was property and she knew it.

It hadn’t always been that way, she had graduated at the top of her class from high school, been valedictorian, head cheerleader and prom queen as well. She’d gotten a full scholarship to a prestigious university and done very well for the first year.

It was in the second year when she’d met her owner in his psychology class, he’d seemed to have it out for her and she was struggling like she never had before. So when he offered extra credit to participate in a study, she’d jumped at the chance.

Three weeks later she had been sucking his cock like a cheap whore.

Six weeks in and she was begging him to fuck her ass harder and harder.

By the end of the semester she had dropped out of school and taken up residence at his house, just another piece of his property like the mirrors, the stove or the beds.

Her head swiveled to the left as she heard his footsteps approaching, she quickly lifted her dress up and spread her legs as she sat there in front of the small mirror. She looked in it and checked to make sure she was perfectly smooth and her fingers gently caressed her pussy just in time for him to walk up beside her.

“How’s my horny little bitch doing?” he asked and she turned and looked up at him.

“Arf!” she said and then nuzzled her face into his crotch. It was currently his favorite game, having her act like a bitch in heat, taking away her words and leaving her with just a bark, whine, and mew.

“Up!” he commanded and she shot straight up, almost jumping from the floor a little.

“No time for that at the moment, we’ve got places to be. The facility mixer with the new students is starting soon and you need to make friends with the pretty ones, understand?”

She arf’d again and nodded.

“Good girl.” he said and tapped her on the nose. Her legs almost gave out from under her from the pure bliss that ran through her at the complement.

Before she recovered, he’d slipped his hand around her waist and placed it firmly on her ass and had begun leading her from the house. Perhaps if she made friends with a few of the new students at the mixer, he might fuck her doggy style.

Her pussy moistened at the thought, getting fucked like a bitch in heat turned her on more than anything… at least at the moment. She didn’t know what would turn her on tomorrow, or next week, or next month, as her owner might change it at any time, but for now it was enough to know that it did.