As CEO, Dorthy was supposed to make an impression… and this wasn’t it.

The two large silicone implants that hung from her chest, the tight waist line she’d spend months on at the gym, the flowing blonde hair, the puffy lips, none of them screamed CEO.

Instead, they all screamed bimbo slut, and everyone else knew it too.

She wiggled her hips as she walked over to Roland and leaned up against him, taking his arm and giggling a little.

Then another message appeared on the inside of her sunglasses that only she could see.

“Like, can I give anyone a blowjob? giggle” she said as she looked around at the half dozen men that formed a circle around Roland.

Several of the men laughed out loud, one of them that she didn’t recognize spoke up, “I don’t know about a blowjob, but what if I want to fuck those tits?” he asked.

She grabbed a hold of her tits and jiggled them a little, “Like, sure!” she replied.

Another man that she did recognized spoke next, “She fired me three months before my pension, the only thing I wanna fuck is that tight ass of hers.”

She giggled and smiled, “Awe, like, that’s so sweet! giggle

Another message flashed up on her sunglasses and she stepped forward and took the mans hand and lead his towards the house.

Inwardly she shuttered, the after image of the message still burning on the back of her retinas, “Make sure you squeal like a stuck pig when he fucks your ass.”

“As you can see, my program has been quite successful.” Roland said as he wave towards the receding Dorthy and Thomas.

The men all nodded and mumbled agreement.

“Now, each of you will have your turn with her this weekend so there’s no reason to be disappointed you weren’t the first. Once you are all satisfied with the results, we can talk about the details of your investments in the company. I’m sure Dorthy will sign off on any sale conditions you might have.”

The men chuckled and those that had them raised the drinks as an earth shattering squeal came from the house.