Jill squinted and looked up at the man standing above her, “Hey mister, you want fucky sucky? Keiko give good fucky sucky. Keiko love you long time mister.”

The words weren’t hers of course, the chip that they had implanted in her head controlled everything she said and did now. It was the same with the dozen or more women that were scattered around the pool area, and even more that were in the hotel.

The man shook his head no and started to walk away, “Ok mister, you come back if you want. Keiko still love you long time, no matter what.”

She watched him walk over to the next cot a few feet away where Diane was lounging. She heard the busty blonde start into her routine as well, “Like, hi baby! giggle I’m Bambi, what’s your name?”

Jill turned her head back to look forward just in time to see two men come up to the foot of her cot. The first one was James, he was the “manager” of the pool area, the other was one of her regulars, Tom.

“Is this her?” James asked.

“Yep, that’s her.” Tom replied.

“Alright, just put your thumb print here then.” James said as he turned the table he was holding towards Tom.

Tom complied and then Jill felt the chip in her head come to life and she sprang up from the cot, bouncing over to Tom with a wide grin on her face.

“Hi hi! Keiko so happy to see you Master Tom!” her voice said as she grabbed hold of Tom’s arm and rubbed up against him.

“Alright, you’re all set, payment is confirmed. She’s all yours.” James said and Tom nodded in reply.

Jill knew exactly what had just happened, she’d seen it a few times in the months she’d been there. She’d just been purchased.

There were two good things about that, the first being that she wouldn’t be spending her days by the pool servicing whatever random guys wanted to use her. The second was that Tom was actually a pretty decent guy, if a bit nerdy.

After the first few times he’d taken her, he’d started to bring… costumes for her to wear. They were ok, classic magical girls stuff and all, she even had to admit she kinda liked it.

The down side was she knew she’d be spending a lot more time dressed up in his favorite costumes now, and he’d made it abundantly clear he had plans on making her fit his ideal magical girl.

Jill guessed there were worse things than being a busty blonde magical girl sex doll, many of which she’d expereinced in her time at the pool for that matter.

Tom slipped his arm around her waist and grabbed her ass, guiding her towards the hotel where she was sure he had something for her to put on before he took her home. She only hoped it wasn’t too humiliating to be seen in public in.