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Channel looked at the picture and then at the shoe rack… they were identical, just as she’d suspected.

It had been ten years since she’d received her first FuturePic, and her life had been turned upside down since then.

She hadn’t been able to understand why her future was so different than she’d imagined it. She’d dreamed of graduating university and fighting for the environment, eventually moving out to the country to enjoy it.

She’d never thought she’d be a plastic trophy wife of some university professor almost double her age living in the city.

But FuturePic was never wrong, and withing months she’d come to accept that, at least for some time, she’d be what the picture showed. Then, she’d decided that if that was to be her fate, maybe she could cheat it, at least a little.

If she was going to be a trophy wife in five years, that didn’t mean she had to be one forever. She could still finish university, get her degree, then change her fate after the FuturePic had come true.

There were only two problems with that plan, neither of which she had been aware of at the time.

The first was that Chris had already ordered a second FuturePic, the one she now held in her hand, for ten years. It clearly showed that little, other than her hair colour, had changed.

The second, which was perhaps linked to the first, was that Chris wasn’t some meek, stuffy, university professor. At least not when he was outside of the classroom. Instead he was very… dominant.

So much so, that when she implemented her plan to speed things along, she never even really noticed him slowly, but surely, chipping away at her.

By the time she agreed to marry him, she could hardly imagine a life without him.

Now, ten years later, she knelt down in her closet, pinned the FuturePic up on the wall, and then positioned herself perfectly to match it, before snapping several selfies, making slight adjustments until it was perfect. Then she took the FuturePic from the wall, set it on the top of her breasts and took several more selfies until she was satisfied.

She selected the perfect one, with the FuturePic displayed, and added it to her message thread with Chris, “Happy FuturePic anniversary honey! Love your fake plastic trophy wife.”

Chris sent back several emojis that let her knew he’d be home to fuck her soon, and she honestly couldn’t wait. But then he continued typing.

“Happy FuturePic day to you too… I got you something for it…”

She read the message just as the attached image came through, “…a new five year FuturePic!”

Her mind spun as she read the words, but her gaze was fixed on the picture. Her hair was still blonde, but that was one of the few things she recognized about herself. Her lips were bigger than then every had been, dominating her face, and paint a sparkly pink. Her tits were at least three times larger than they were now and were stretching the tight pink t-shirt to to near it’s breaking point. They even distorted the text that was printed across it, “Fuck Doll”, in anther shade of pink and a curly font.

But the thing she recognized the least, was the look in her eyes. Gone was even the slightest glimmer of intelligence, replace with a vacant, hungry stare at Chris’ cock that hovered just in front of her face.

She let out a little whimper as her one hand slipped between her legs and the other typed away a reply as she gently rubbed herself, “You’re the best baby! I can’t wait for you to pump me that full of plastic so I can be your perfect fuck doll! Hurry home and use me any way you want!”

By the time she heard her phone bing, it was already on the floor beside her as both of her hands were between her legs and she was rapidly approaching an orgasm as she thought about exactly how much more plastic she’d be in no time.