Donna wasn’t happy to say the least, but she was desperate and so she’d stupped to the lowest common denominator in an attempt to save her company Blackstone Labs.

She’d grown the company from a small family business to a nation wide change of labs during the pandemic and was riding high on her success. Now though, with the pandemic over and the economy going into a recession, the over extension of her credit and the huge debts she had incurred in the expansion, were coming back to bit her.

Of course she’d gone to all the banks, investment firms, even a few private one know for taking on significant risk, but none of them wanted to touch her.

It was, of course, the lawsuits. She sighed to herself just thinking about it, all the other issues were fixable. The labs still made money hand over fist, individually, but she’d made some marketing claims in promoting them during the pandemic that were… problematic.

Now she had a dozen consumer protection groups, along with the government breathing down her neck, all looking to take a piece out of her company.

And so, here she was, at her last resort, using every last tool at her disposal, to save her company. Here was the office of John Ramperson, the sleaziest of investors who would provide funding for even long shots with bad odds… for the right price. And the last tool at her disposal were her looks.

She’d always fought against the stereotypical beautiful blonde that should could have easily played into on principal, wanting to succeed because of her business savvy and intelligence. But now was no time to play coy, now was the time to put it all on display.

And so she’d picked out an outfit that would definitely show John exactly what she had to offer, because when she had referred to him as the sleaziest investor around, she’ really meant sleazy. He was well known for his misogynistic ways, promoting young beautiful women who put out over more competent men and women.

Putting herself on display was therefore the best way to get, and keep, his attention while she tried to save her company.

She was just about to check the time on her phone when she heard the door to John’s office start to open and she looked up to watch him walk in. She kept a respectful smile on her face as he closed the door behind him and then made eye contact with her, for a second, before his eyes drifted down to her chest.

“Hello Donna, thanks for coming in today.” he said, keeping his eyes on her chest until he finsihed and then raised them back to her eyes and extended his hand as he approached.

Donna stood up and shook his hand, her smile never wavering as she made sure he had a good look at her.

“No, thank you John for making the time… I know your very busy.”

John let go of her hand and walked to the other side of the table and sat down, not even trying to hide his leering gaze.

“Never too busy for a good business opportunity Donna. Now, let’s get down to business…”

Donna walked out of John’s office, her skin crawling, but a satsified feeling in her gut. Sure, she’d had to make some sigifnicat concessions, but she’d secured the investment that she needed to save her company, and she’d figure a way to get John out of her life as soon as things settled down.

The immediate concern was the new “co-CEO”, David Troutman, that she had to content with. It had been a sticking point that she hadn’t been able to get John off of. While it was mostly a title an no real power, it did mean she’d have someone looking over her shoulder at every step of the way.

It was just another thing to deal with though, and Donna knew she could handle him as well.

Donna was confused… not that it was unusual these days, just that this confusion seemed different.

She heard the shutter of the camera go off along with the flash and she moved into a slightly different position as she pulled her t-shirt across her chest to make sure her company logo was visible.

It had been three months since she’d made the deal with John to invest in her company and things had gone well at first, David, her new co-CEO had kept out of her way and she’d used the investment to stabilize things.

But then… then things got a little hazy for her. She often found herself sitting at her desk, just staring at her computer, doing nothing for hours. Her mind just wandering off into space as she heard voices all around her.

Some of them she recognized, like her assistant Jennifer, “Yes Mr. Troutman. Of course Mr. Troutman. Right away Mr. Troutman.”

Or her new co-CEO David’s, “Yes, she’s coming alone fine. No, no side effects so far. A few more weeks at most.”

Others she didn’t recognize at all, “Women with big tits are stupid. Women with big tits like to show them off. Women with big tits like to be objectified. Women with big tits can’t get enough sex.”

They all just confused her more and more until finally, she just stopped trying to make sense of anything.

Fortunately, David had been there to pick up the slack, letting her just zone out and float through all the voices and think about all the things there were telling her.

And then, David had get best idea she’d heard in ages… As co-CEO, and the public face of the company, why not do a photoshoot to use in a new advertising campaign.

She’d spent the last week getting ready for it, finding the right outfit, getting her hair done, doing her makeup, it was all so exciting!

“You know Donna, it might make things easier if you just take it off…” David said, waving his hand at the shirt she still held in her hands.

Donna looked down at her hands, then up at David, then back down at the shirt… could she take it off? Was that appropriate?

She scrunched her forehead just as the camera clicked again and a shiver of pleasure ran through her, without another thought her hands rose up over her head and then tossed the t-shirt off to the side.

She looked up to see David’s smile as he stared at her tits and her nipples hardened instantly as the flash went off once more.

Donna pushed her tits out and jiggled them from side to side, as the camera continued to snap picture after picture.

For the first time in a long time, Donna wasn’t confused, she knew exactly what was going on, she was showing off her big titties and she loved every second of it.

She was definitely going to have to show David how much she appreciated his hard work when they got back to the office later.

Donna teetered on her heels as she took a step down towards the car that David was coming out of. He’d been in the office all day and she could hardly wait to get her lips wrapped around his cock.

“Hi baby!” she exclaimed as she took another step down, and then saw the second man getting out of the passengers side of the car.

A shiver of pleasure and excitement ran down her spine, a second man to show off her tits too was always appreciated. It was one of the few things she missed about not going into the office with David anymore.

Oh she didn’t miss the tedium of work of course, no, she wasn’t really cut out for that. No, what she missed was being able to walk around the office, in a tight little top, her tits squeezed into it and trying to burst out, and watching all the guys eyes bulge out of their heads.

She managed to get down to the driveway and as she did she recognized the second man, “Like, hi John!” she exclaimed as she saw the man that had saved Blackstone Labs from financial ruin.

She wiggled her way over to David and wrapped her arms around him, planting a passionate kiss on his lips as he reached around and grabbed her ass. She made out with him for a minute before he broke it off, by which time John had come around to them.

“Well hello Donna, how are you finding our… agreement… so far?” John said, the sarcasm going right over Donna’s head.

“Oh, like, it’s great! I just leave everything to David, and he totally takes care of me!”

John nodded with a wide smile on his lips as David gave a little chuckle.

“That’s right Donna, I take care of you… totally.” David replied and Donna giggled in response a little.

David then turned to John, speaking to him without paying any attention to Donna, “You know that drug is a wonder. She was half way gone after the second dose. Now she’s completely oblivious to anything other that what the programming has put in her head. Isn’t that right Donna?”

Donna came out of her confusion and blinked, “Uhm, like what baby?”

David chuckled and John followed suit, “I was just saying that you like having your tits stared at so much that you’ll let anyone that does it for more than a minute fuck you, isn’t that right?”

“Oh god yes! I love guys staring at my big fat titties!” she replied, taking hold of her tits and squeezing them togther, then softly moaning as she did so.

Both men chuckled and then the three of them walked back into David’s house.

She could feel John’s eyes on her tits, and she hoped that he’d be fucking them… and her, soon enough.

Donna sat on the couch in her small apartment and waited for John to arrive.

Things had changed so much since that day that John had fucked her for the first time. It had been wonderful of course, any cock between her tits was in all honesty.

She’d gone home with him that night, and spent the next year as a live in big titty fuck toy for him, and she’d loved every minute of it.

He’d even given her a giant set of implants to make her big tits even bigger… and faker. Something about that made it even better when he fucked them.

But he’d wanted other changes too, and she’d eagerly agreed to them, remaking herself into his big titty fuck toy. He’d often told her that he wanted her to be exactly what he’d seen in her that first day in his office.

And so bleaching her hair, getting a nose job, doing her butt.. twice, along with her implants was the least she could do.

But then… something changed, he seemed to lose interest, until eventually he’d taken from his home and dropped her off at her new apartment. It was ok… in some ways it was better, as she had to go shopping on her own and take care of herself, she had lots of opportunities to show off her tits to all kinds of new men.

But it wasn’t as good in other ways, like the fact that she didn’t have John’s cock in her all the time. He still came by once a week or so and fucked her tities and whatever other hole he wanted to, but it just wasn’t the same.

Maybe she should ask John if she could go live with David again… he always liked to fuck her titties. But then again, she was sure David must have found another big titty bimbo to fuck by now… guys like that didn’t stay on the market long after all.

She let out a sigh just as she heard the front door to her apartment open and a wide smile cross her lips. It widened even more as John and another man walked into the living room with her.

“So, this is the key, just drop by anytime, she’ll be here.” John said to the other man, handing him a key to her apartment.

“Don’t I have to call or something…?” the second man asked.

“No, if she’d not here when you arrive, she’ll be back in no more than an hour, probably much less.”

The other man nodded and then John turned towards the front door again, placing his hand on the other mans shoulder for a moment.

“What am I… I mean…” the other man asked.

John chuckled a little and then smiled at him, “Just stare at her tits for a minute or two, she’ll be ready and rearing to go.”

John then started walking towards the door once more but called back to the second man as he did so, “Oh, I suggest fucking her tits for the first couple of times. After that, feel free to use what every orifice you like, she gives the cutest little squeals when you fuck her ass.”

Donna did give the cutest little squeals when John fucked her ass, she just loved it so much!

At the moment though, her nipples were getting hard and her pussy wet from the man staring at her tits, and while it hadn’t been even a minute, she was more than ready for him to fuck her tits, her mouth, her pussy, or ass.