A hands on kind of leader...

Thursday March 23, 2023

Chrissie could feel his eyes on her ass, just standing there staring at it, as if she wasn’t even a consideration.

She’d been working her ass off, pun intended, for weeks to get Nathan’s attention, and even now that she knew that she had it, he still refused to *do* anything.

It was getting to be a real problem, because her pussy was so needy that she doubted she’d be even able to make it to the showers to masturbate if he didn’t do *something*.

Frustrated, she laid her head down on the back rest of the machine and started to slowly jiggle her ass, hoping he’d finally come over and grab hold of it, or give it a slap, or *anything*.

She bit her lip and slowly rubbed her pussy against the base of the seat, no longer caring who saw her doing it.

It was a big change from just a month ago when Nathan had taken over the gym as the new manager from Shelly. Chrissie had been skeptical like many of the other members of the women only gym… how could it be run by a man?

But to their surprise he’d made lots of improvements in the place; a new sound system, new ultra high def screens, a premium subscription to a popular workout site for all the member, and all at no additional cost.

The members had really seemed to appreciate it, Chrissie wasn’t the only one who started coming in more often, she’d noticed many of the girls in the gym at least as often as she was. By the looks of the improvements in a few of them, they’d been coming in *much* more often.

Absent mindedly, as she humped the machine, she reached around and grabbed her own ass, giving it a good shake, the a slap or two. She then stretched her arms out above her head and let out a little moan.

Apparently that had done the trick, because she finally felt a pair of hands come to rest on her ass that weren’t her own. She almost came instantly from them, but instead gasped and wiggled her ass some more.

“Hey Chrissie, I see the extra time at the gym has really done wonders for your ass.” he said, taking hold of two handfuls of her ass and squeeing them hard.

“Oh god Nathan! Squeeze that ass!”

Nathan cuckled in response and jiggled her ass for a few moments before releasing it. She let out a little whimper, but it didn’t last long as he grabbed hold of the flimsy material of her shorts and pulled hard to the sides.

It gave way and the sound of it ripping pushed her over the edge, a small orgasm crashing over her.

The series of slaps that followed rocked her work with waves of orgasms unlike any she had ever experienced before.

By the time she heard his pants hit the floor, she was a giggling, drooling mess as she held her bright red cheeks apart to expose her pussy and anus.

She didn’t care which he used, just as long as he used one of them. When the tip of his cock pushed up against her virgin ass, all she saw were stars as orgasm after orgasm exploded from it.

She felt him pull out and spew his cum over her ass and lower back, she even heard the electronic click of his phone as it snapped picture after picture, but she didn’t care, the orgasms continued until he was finished and that was all that mattered.

Finally, just before he walked away, he grabbed her hair and lifted her face from the pool of spittle that had formed on the bench, slipped something under her face, and then set her head back down.

It was quite a while before she recovered enough to sit up, but when she did she picked up the business card that was sitting there and read it:

“Hercules, a gym for men.”

On the back of the card was a hand written note: “Chrissie, M-F 7-10pm, Anal Bench”

A shiver ran through her, she had a new gym to goto and she knew her ass would be getting a real workout there.

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