“Like, can I ask you a question babe?” Sandra asked as I sat on the edge of the bed pulling on my socks.

“Of course…” I replied absent mindedly, pulling my sock up and then stretching out my leg, the crackling of my knee betraying their age.

“No babe, I mean, like, seriously! You gotta be honest with me, k?”

I smiled and looked up at Sandra, her makeup perfect, her hair beautify framing her face, her revealing outfit showing off her perfect implants.

“Sandra, am I not always honest with you?” I replied, standing up and pulling on my pants.

“Like, yeah, of course…” she replied timidly, looking down at the floor for a second before looking into my eyes again, “But, like, this is super important…”

“Ok, well, in that case, you have my full attention.” I replied and she smiled.

She scrunched her forehead a little then spoke again, “Like, are my boobies big enough?” she asked, cupping her breasts in her hands and giving them a little squeeze.

I couldn’t help myself and let out a little chuckle, her face instantly twisted into a grimace of annoyance.

“I’m serious!” she said as she stomped her foot, “Like, I’ve been spending so much time in the gym lately working on my bum, and like, I think my boobs look too small now!”

I stepped over to her and wrapped my arms around her, letting my hands slip down onto her ass and gave it a squeeze.

“Well, I did notice that.” I said and she closed her eyes and tilted her head back a bit as she let out a moan.

I grabbed her hips and twirled her around, taking her over in front of the mirror and then followed the curves of her body up to her breasts. I then pulled aside her top to expose the two perfect globes that not that long ago I’d been sliding by dick between.

“You know I love your tits Sandra…” I said, taking her nipples between my thumbs and fingers and giving them a little tweak.

Sandra let out a gasp and pushed her ass back into my crotch, moving it around in a circle to rub against me.

“God babe, I love how you play with my boobies! giggle

“I know you do. But to answer your question, they do look a little small now that you’ve done all that work at the gym on your ass.”

“I knew it!” she let out in a raspy voice after a little whimper from my continued ministrations of her nipples.

“I’ll tell you what, as a reward for all that hard work at the gym, I’ll buy you a brand new set of implants. How does that sound?”

Sandra squealed, then giggled, then dropped to her knees to enthusiastically answer my question.

Sandra looked at her new boss in disgust, but hid any sign of it from her face.

Wayne Samson was the CEO of a high tech startup that was clocked in secrecy, but everyone was desperate to work for. It was the kind of job that would make a career if you played your cards right.

She’d been excited when she’d gotten the interview for the executive assistant position, less so when she found out it was for the CEO himself. Not because that wasn’t a great opportunity or anything, but because Wayne had a reputation of being a misogynistic pig.

However the job offer had been too good to pass up and so she’d held her nose and accepted it. Today was her first day in the office and things had gone about as well as she had expected, with Wayne making several backhanded complements about her wardrobe and other fashion choices.

“So Sandra, here is your work phone and laptop. I expect you to have them with you at all times, understand?”

“Yes Sir.” she replied and took them from him.

“Oh, I’ve also installed the latest version of our custom training software on it. Make sure you complete the first three courses by the end of the week.”

“Of course Sir. No problem.” she replied and he then dismissed her.

She walked out to her desk just outside of his office and took a seat, powering up the laptop and phone before finally getting to the training software.

The first module, “Introduction to corporate hierarchy”, was simple enough, if just a misogynistic as Wayne, but she powered through it, even if she did have a pounding headache afterwards from the incessant flickering of the screen.

Unfortunately she failed the quiz at the end and had to repeat it to try again… several times.

By the time she got through the quiz successfully, she looked around to find the office empty. She checked her new phone and found it to be well past 7pm!

The computer prompted her for the second module, “Dress code and other HR best practices”, but she managed to close the program instead and head home… there would be lots of time tomorrow to complete that one. She was sure she’d get through it faster than the first one, even if that meant focusing all of her attention at the flickering screen for however long it took.