“Agent Hanson, you’re looking well tonight.” Agent Tomas said as his partner walked up the small set of stairs.

Deborah rolled her eyes, “And you’re looking like an old fat man as usual.” she replied.

Deborah hated working with Richard, he was everything wrong with the agency. Old ideas, old methods, old timer.

This was just the latest stupid idea that he’d sent up the chain and the upper management types had eaten up. Who went undercover at a strip club these days?

Just bust down the door, catch a dozen strippers doing god new what, bouncers with drugs, and the management knee deep in it all. They’d talk as soon as they realized they were all facing long jail sentences, then they’d get the real people in charge.

Undercover work just wasted time, and her talents, as obviously Richard wasn’t going to be the one shaking his ass on stage.

“Let’s just get this over with… I don’t even know why you have to come to the club with me, I think I can manage to get hired by myself.” she continued with disdain.

Richard put his hands up in defence, “Hey, don’t blame me… it’s just standard operating policy on these kinds of things.”

She just shook her head and walked past him and into the club.

Deborah sat on the managers couch with her hand between her legs, tugging down a little on the tiny set of cut off jenas she was wearing.

She really hadn’t thought it would be that hard to get the dirt on the club, but it had been three months of undercover work and she didn’t have much to show for it other than a few low level charges that would be tossed out against the other strippers.

Well, she did have a few things to show for it, most notably the new set of implants she’d gotten last month.

There were other things as well, she was in the best shape of her life, having so much free time during the day she often found herself going to the gym. And she’d never been much of a dancer before, but now she could shake her ass with the best of them and swing on the pole like a pro… which she kinda was after all.

Though something else she had gotten since starting to work at the club, that she definitely didn’t show anyone, was how horny she had become.

At first, she’d danced for the clients and felt nothing, putting on a show though to make sure they were satisfied. Then, after a couple of weeks, something had changed. She’d started to get into the dancing more and more, and by the end of the first month she’d been letting the clients get her off with their fingers.

It was also during this time that she’d realized that her tits were too small. She’d ignored the *many* comments from the clients in those first few weeks about her tits, it was the comments from the other strippers that had made her realize it. Though their comments weren’t about her tits, but their own. How much they loved them, how much they loved guys looking at them, how much they loved guys fucking them.

That kind of talk happened all the time in the back room with the other strippers. It was a constant stream of stories about how they were fucking the clients in the VIP, in the parking lot, at their homes.

“Debbie…” the manager said and Deborah snapped back to the moment, not even blushing when she realized her fingers had been playing with her pussy while her thoughts had drifted.

“Yeah Boss… what’s up?” she said, recovering quickly and he rolled his eyes.

“I don’t know, you said you wanted to see me, remember?”

“Oh, yeah, right…” she replied and then stood up and walked around his desk so she was standing beside him.

“Well, the other girls… they get better shifts and all…” she said as she sank down to her knees and her fingers went to his pants.

“And I want what they have…” she finished as she wrapped her lips around his dick and started to suck.

Deborah set her phone on the counter and set the timer, just as the flash went off she heard the knock at the door and her eyes darted towards it.

She grabbed her phone and sent the image as she ran to the door and checked the peephole, there was a single man on the other side of it so she unlocked it and let him in, turning away from him and swaying her ass as she walked back to the bedroom.

“Just a sec hon, be right with you.” she said as she read the reply.

“Don’t fuck this up. He’s an important client, make sure he’s completely satisfied before he leaves or you’re done at the club.”

A little fear washed over her, in the six months she’d been working at the club it had become her life. There was nothing more important and she’d even been falsifying her reports so she could keep working there. Making up leads and saying that she was getting closer and closer to a big fish.

None of it was true, all she wanted to do was shake her ass, rub her tits in the clients faces, and fuck day and night. And this was her big night, the manager was finally giving her a chance to prove that she could handle everything the other strippers could and she was determined to prove herself.

Just as she was about to toss her phone on the credenza she felt hands come to rest on her hips and a smile came to her lips.

“Oh baby, I like a man that knows what he wants and grabs hold of it.” she purred.

His hands moved up her body and cupped her tits, squeezing them. She pushed her ass back into his crotch and leaned her head back, closing her eyes to take it in and let out a soft moan.

“Oh I’ve known what I want for quite a while Deborah…” a familiar voice said and her eyes shot open and she turned her head to see their reflection in the large mirror over the credenza.

In it she saw Tomas, her partner, mauling her tits, a wide grin on his lips as he looked right into her reflected eyes.

Her lips started to flap as she tried to find something to say but he gently shushed her before he spoke again.

“Don’t ruin it Deborah, I’m here to fuck a horny little stripper that just can’t get enough cock. I’d better not leave disappointed…” he said with a little menace in his voice.

It hit her like a ton of bricks, she snapped her lips shut and then nodded before twising around and putting her arms around his shoulders.

“That… that’s good baby… cause… cause I’m a horny little stripper and I can never get… get enough cock…” she replied and then slide down his body, her lips finding his harding shaft under his pants as her fingers worked his zipper.

His pants and underwear hit the ground just as her lips engulf his shaft, her head bobbed up and down it as her fingers made quick work of the tiny black bikini she was wearing. By the time she was naked, he’d removed his own jacket and shirt to match her.

His hands grabbed hold of her head and he started to give her a proper face fuck, “God Debbie, you can’t imagine how good this feels. I’ve wanted to shut that impudent mouth of yours with my dick since the first day I met you.”

She paid little attention though, the pleasure coursing through her lips and throat was giving her a high like she’d never experienced before.

After a few minutes he took hold of her hair and pulled her off, and up. Then pushed her back towards the bed and down on to it. His heavy form came ontop of her and his lips found her right nipple, sucking on it, while his fingers found her pussy and started to rub it.

“God baby! Suck that tit! Rub that clit! I love it! I love it!” she cried out.

He took her nipple in between his teeth and pulled back, distending her tit as he did so, then raised his other hand up and slapped her pussy with increasing force.

“YES! YES! YES!!! Slap that dirty little pussy!”

Without warning he let go of her nipple and then grabbed her hips, twisting her over in one swift motion. Then he knelt on her legs and pulled her ass up while keeping her face down.

“God baby, give me that cock! I need that cock! Stuff it in me now!”

She didn’t have to wait and he promptly pushed deep into her, her eyes rolled back into her head and she let out a guttural moan as her whole world swirled around in her head.

A shape slap to her ass brought a squeal to her lips and a mumble of unintelligible syllables.

“What was that Debbie?” he said as he landed another slap.

“Debbie’s a horny little stripper!” came from her lips and she knew she meant it.

Another slap landed on her ass as he continued to pound her pussy.

“Debbie’s a cock sucking slut!”

Her mind was swirling, unable to comprehend the unimaginable pleasure she was feeling, while at the same time being on complete automatic mode with what she was saying.

Another slap rang out in the room, “Debbie’s a cheap stripclub whore!”

Her world suddenly came to a screeching halt as she felt his cock slip out of her pussy, “NO! NO! NO! Put it back! Stuff it back in my slutty little pussy!” she cried, but it wasn’t what he did.

Instead she felt his tip come to rest on her sphincter and his hand come down on her ass again.

Her whole body shivered and she felt her lips part, she only hesitated for a moment, but it brought a second slap of her ass and this time her voice was loud and clear.

“Fuck my cheap whore ass! Stuff that big fucking cock inside my bowels and make me your dirty anal whore!” she cried out.

She didn’t even recognize the chuckle he made before stuffing his cock in her ass, but it would have been lost in the explosion of pleasure that consumed her anyway.

Tomas sat in the booth across from Jimmy as the music blared in the club, Debbie was on stage shaking her ass for the crowd as they chatted.

“So, she worked out pretty well, don’t you think?” Tomas asked his friend.

“Yeah, not bad. Still needs a little more up top, but that’s not a problem. I have to say I was skeptical when you suggested her. I mean, I try and stay away from the authorities, not recruit them.”

Tomas gave a knowing nod, “Yeah, but she was going to bust down the door at some point. Better to take care of the problem before it becomes one. Anyway, no one in the agency cares she resigned. She was a trouble maker and never realized how things were done.”

“Well, that’s what I pay you for, to make sure things get done the right way.”

Both men chuckled and then turned to the stage as the next song started and Debbie took off her top and started to shake her tits on stage.

“By the way, how are you enjoying your private sessions with her?” Jimmy asked.

Tomas shook his head from side to side, “Great. I still don’t know how you do it. I mean she acts like it’s the first time I’m fucking her ass each and every time!”

Jimmy smiled, “Well, we all have our secrets, that one is just a trade secret. Anyone can use the same equipment I have to slowly brainwash someone, but getting the right commands into their head… that’s the art of it.”

“Then you are an artist my friend, no doubt.”

Both men took sips of their drinks and sat in silence for a while as Debbie finished her set and headed back into the VIP with yet another client that was eager to spend money on her.