A hands on kind of leader...

Wednesday May 10, 2023

“Hello Sir, you order the stacked brunette?” Cindy said as she looked down at the man sitting on the sun cot typing on his phone.

He looked up and smiled, “Yes, yes I did.” he replied.

“Very good Sir.” she said and then turned around once, before grabbing her tits and jiggling them a bit, “Will this do or would you like another model?”

He tapped the cot with his hand and shook his head, “No, you’ll do fine.”

She smiled and sat down beside him, “Thank you Sir. My records indicate you have selected the Exhibitionist Slut personally template. Would you like me to activate it now?”

He seemed to look around for a moment and consider her question, “Sure, why not.”

Her eyes blinked a few times as she felt the chip in her head rewrite her mind once more, and then they opened and she gave him a wicked grin as her fingers quickly found the back of her top and quickly removed it.

Moments later she was sitting naked beside him, her hand firmly on his crotch and rubbing it.

She licked her lips and looked him in the eyes, “God baby I want to suck your cock so badly, right here, where everyone can see. I want everyone to know how much of a slut I am!”

She bend over and placed her lips against his hardening shaft, then turned her head so she was looking into his eyes again, “Can I baby? I want to suck it until it’s so hard that you can fuck my big fat titties with it, show all these people that I’m just a set of tits and holes for you to use…”

The man reached down and started to pull his swim trucks off, and she quickly helped him before she engulfed his cock between her lips.

It wasn’t long before she was on all fours, screaming at the top of her lungs about how much she loved his cock fucking her tight little pussy.

* * *

Cindy looked around and let out a little giggle, the place was amazing! Even better than in the brochures!

“Can you believe it!?!” she exclaimed and grabbed hold of Sandra’s arm. Her best friend shook her head no and let out a little squeal as the two of them approached the check-in counter.

It was hard to believe that they’d won a two week, all inclusive trip to one of the top spa/resorts in the world, and she couldn’t wait to take full advantage of it.

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