A hands on kind of leader...

Tuesday May 09, 2023

Fuck she hated it when Lady Domina captured her… well at least she could remember when she hated it.

Miss Virtue hadn’t been heroing for long the first time it had happened, and she’d been a little bit surprised, to say the least when Lady Domina had tied her up with the leather straps, stuffed the gag between her lips and then fucked her with the strap-on.

Even more so when Lady Domina had simply let her go a few hours later.

The thing was though, that after being captured… and fucked… several more times by Lady Domina, things had changed. Even now, as Lady Domina stroked the strap-on in and out of her pussy, Miss Virtue was having a hard time not orgasming.

“How are you making out there Miss Virtue?” she heard the condescending voice of her nemesis and all she could do was let out a muffled yell.

“What was that?” Miss Domina said and then pushed all the way into her, grabbed her hair with one hand, and then pulled almost all the way out, forcing her to arch her back. Then she felt Lady Domina’s free hand land on her ass and the sound of the slap fill the room.

Her whole body shook from it, then a second slap and a third followed and she could hardly contain the pleasure that filled her.

“Fuck it… I can’t wait any longer…” Lady Domina said and the let go of her hair, allowing her to once more come to rest on the table.

Miss Virtue felt the strap-on come all the way out of her pussy, then Lady Domina slap her other ass cheek a matching three times, before she felt something utterly new.

“God damn that’s tight…” Lady Domina said as Miss Virtue felt the strap-on push up to and in her ass. She screamed at the top of her lungs, but the gag made it sound more like a whimper.

Lady Domina took hold of her hips with both hands and pushed deeper into her, “Hang in there… this is gonna hurt, but trust me, you’re going to love it…”

She was right, the deeper the strap-on went into her ass, the more it hurt, but just as she throught she cound’t take any more, she felt Lady Domina’s hips meet her own and all the pain transformed into pleasure.

Miss Virtue’s eyes rolled into the back of her head as a massive orgasm crashed over her and the world became a searing bright white light that engulf her.

Lady Domina pulled the strap-on out of Miss Virtue’s ass, a small bit of the bright pink liquid it had just injected deep into her dripping from it’s tip.

She removed it from her hips and opened up the base of it, pulling the spent vial from it.

It had been a little early to go anal really, a few more sessions would have been safer, to make sure Miss Virtue was fully addicted to the drug, but her ass had been calling out to her for weeks and she couldn’t hold back any longer.

Besides, delivering the drug anally was far more effective than vaginally. She doubted that it would take more than one or two more injections before Miss Virtue was begging her for another.

Then it wouldn’t be long before she’d have her new sidekick, Missy Vile, her dedicated, pussy licking, anal slut.

It was only fair after all, Miss Virtue had been the one to send her last sidekick away to prison on one of her first outings as a superhero. Who better to fill the void left behind?

Lady Domina reached out and gave Miss Virtue ass another slap and watched the girls whole body shiver as a small orgasm washed over her. A smile crossed her lips knowing she hadn’t gone too far, too fast, and she left the room looking forward to their next meeting.

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