A hands on kind of leader...

Tuesday May 16, 2023

Claudia tapped her smartwatch, dismissing the notification that appeared that had sent a shiver of pleasure up her arm and smiled.

It was really an amazing app that her company had developed, she was, of course, in the beta test group, and she was over the moon with it.

When Johnathan had pitched the idea to her, what sounded like a simple personal improvement/good habit app, she’d been very skeptical. But he hadn’t asked for much in the way of resources and honestly if it got him out of her hair then it seemed like a small price to pay.

Now… now she knew he’d really hit onto something and couldn’t wait to exploit it… and then fire him. She grinned wickedly and then walked down the stairs from her living room to the front foyer, double checking her outfit, then headed into the office.

Claudia brushed her hair over her ear as Johnathan sat in the seat across from her, he’d just finished his weekly update on the app and he had a broad smile on his face.

“So Claudia, how are you finding it?” he asked.

“It’s great!” she enthused, “All I have to do is follow the little prompts it gives me. It’s improved so many of my habits over these last few weeks!”

She felt her smartwatch buzz and her eyes went straight to it as pleasure ran up her arm again and she tapped the notification away once more. Her nipples hardened as the pleasure continued down towards her pussy and she knew they were clearly visible under the thin top she’d put on that morning.

It was one of the good habits that the app had helped her form, taking the time to find the perfect outfit no matter how rushed she might have been.

“That’s great to hear Claudia.” Johnathan replied and then they ended the meeting.

Claudia sat in Johnathan office, she’d been waiting for their weekly meeting to update her on the app for some time, but she didn’t mind. It was another one of the good habits that the app had been helping her with.

The habit that it had helped the most with, and that she was really quite pleased about, was being more positive instead of always being so negative.

For example a few weeks ago, when Johnathan had finished his update and then suggested that she should come to his office instead of him wasting his very important time walking all the way across the office to hers, she’d quickly said yes and the app had promptly rewarded her for her positivity.

And even how, as she waited for Johnathan, she was looking at the positive side of it, as Johnathan must have been very busy with important work to be out of his office for so long.

She heard the door behind her swing open and she turned to see Johnathan walking in and then close the door behind him.

“Hey Claudia, sorry to keep you waiting…” he said and she smiled at him as he walked around his desk and sat in his chair.

“Oh, no problem Johnathan, I know you’re very busy.” she said, placing her hands in her lap, straightening her back and pushing her breasts out a bit. The app sent another signal up her arm and she quickly tapped the notification away without even looking at it.

It was the latest good habit she was forming, proper posture.

“So Claudia, I’m sure you’ll agree, that I’ve become highly critical to the success of the company.”

She nodded in agreement as she answered, “Oh yes Johnathan, I can’t imagine the company being successful without you.”

She tapped her smartwatch to dismiss another notification, her lips parting as she took in a sharpe breath.

Johnathan smiled and nodded, “Yes, and there’s no doubt that my app is by far our most important product.”

“Yes! Your app is amazing! It’s changed my life and I can’t imagine living without it now!”

She gasped as her fingered tapped her smartwatch multiple times, once for each notification that appeared.

“So no doubt you’ll agree it’s time I took a more… prominent role at the company.”

“Yes, of course Johnathan, I completely agree!” she almost screamed as waves of pleasure from the torrent of notifications almost sent her over the edge into an orgasm right there in his office.

“Good girl.” was all he said and Claudia could not hold back any longer as an orgasm crashed over her.

Dede sat at her desk and typed away at her computer, her long pink acrylic nails clicking against the plastic keys of the keyboard.

A message popped up on her screen from Johnathan and she let out a giggle, grabbed her notepad and then tottered into his office on her towering pink heels.

They went with the rest of her outfit, the tight pink dress that hardly came below her modesty and barely covered her nipples, her neon pink hair that extended most of the way down her back, her shiny pink lips, and even the pink contacts that she worn in her eyes.

She walked up to Johnathan desk, put her feet together, pushed out her chest, clasped the notepad in her hands and smiled.

“Like, you wanted to see me Sir? *giggle*”

“Yes, yes I did.” he replied and then pushed his chair out a little and tapped his lap.

She wiggled her way around behind his desk and sat on his proffered knee, making sure he had a good view of her tits as she did so.

He waved to some documents on his desk, little yellow stickers attached to them and a pen sitting on top, “Now Dede, I’m sure you’ll agree that you remember how to sign you full, proper, legal name, right?”

“Of course Sir! *giggle*” she replied and the familar pleasure from the app ran up her arm and right to her pussy.

She reached out and picked up the pen, quickly signing “Claudia Williams” in each and every indicated spot.

“Good girl.” Johnathan replied.

“Dede’s a good girl! *giggle*” she said aloud and a small orgasm came over her.

It wasn’t long before she was kneeling between his legs, learning yet another good habit from the app, which was to always swallow.

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