“Shit!” Donna said under her breath as she jogged up the stairs, returning to her apartment through the back ally, and looked up just in to see Rob standing at the top of them

Rob was *that* guy… that guy that seemed to live in every apartment building. Anti-social, kinda creepy, no social skills, a nerd or geek or whatever, but completely harmless.

What he was, was annoying though. She couldn’t count the number of times he’d “bumped” into her as she left or returned for her job, or picked up the mail, or went out to the store, or left for work.

“Hey Rob…” she said as she came to a halt on the small landing just before the stairs lead up to the door where Rob was. Without thinking about it, she continued to job in place, her top straining to contain her breasts.

“Oh, hi Donna, funny meeting you here.” he replied with a smile that felt off somehow.

“Yeah… funny.” she returned dripping sarcasm as her eyes rolled a little.

“Hey… since I’ve got you here anyway… could you take a listen to my latest song and tell me what you thing?”

She sighed and wanted to say no, his music was terrible. She heard it for hours on end across the paper thin walls that separated their apartments. It was some kind of new age, new wave, electronic wailing that sounded like someone was drowning a bag of cats.

Every few days he seemed to have something new for her to listen to and want her opionion on, none of it was any better than any other of it. Before she could make an excuse to avoid listening he pulled his phone out and quickly started playing his latest creation to her great regret.

After just a couple of seconds she stopped jogging in place and came to a complete halt. Her eyes widened, her jaw slackened, and her entire face relaxed before here eyes slowly drifted closed.

“About fucking time…” Rob said as he took the couple of steps down to the landing and stood in front of Donna.

He knew the subliminals had been working for months, her new exercise routine, hair colour, makeup and attire made that abundantly clear.

For some reason though the trigger tune hadn’t been working and he was getting concerned that it might never. Fortunately he’d had inspiration the other night and after some reprogramming and re-recording of the trigger tune he was confident he’d figured it out this time.

He stuffed his phone into his pocket and then reached up and pulled Donna’s top down to exposer her tits, “Damn I’ve wanted to see these for so long. They’re just as impressive as I thought they would be.” he said to no one and then gave them a squeeze.

Donna let out a low moan and her head flopped back and to the side.

“When and why did you get the implants Donna.” he asked.

Donna’s lips parted and she started to reply very softly, “In… in college… when I was dancing…” she answered.

Rob raised an eyebrow, he’d never have expected the uptight, conservative accountant to have been a dancer.

“When you were stripping? To pay for college?” he asked, making the most logical assumption about what she had said.


“And how did it make you feel when you were stripping?”

“Terrible… it made me feel used… it made me feel cheap…”

Rob smiled and chuckled, “Oh that’s good. That’s very good. Ok Donna, I want you to focus in on those feelings. On how used it made you feel, how cheap it made you feel, but it’s not going to make you feel terrible, it’s going to make you feel horny, it’s going to make you feel sooooo good.” he said and watched her lower lip quiver a little.

She let out a soft whimper and bit her lower lip, “That’s right, you always loved how it made you feel. You’ve been wanting to feel that way again every since, but you’ve been fighting against it. Recently it’s been getting worse and worse and you don’t know how much longer you can hold out. You want someone to make you feel that way again… you want someone to make you feel used and cheap so you can be horny and feel good again.”

Donna let out a little gasp as he took hold of her nipples and gave them a little twist.

“And there’s only one person you can think of to do that for you… me. You want me to treat you like a sexual object; like you’re only value is in you’re appearance, like your only purpose is to have your three holes filed with my dick, like you’re only goal in life is to be a perfect trophy girlfriend for me to put on display.”

Rob smiled and pulled her top back up, covering her breasts and then took the few steps back up to the top of the staircase. He pulled his phone out and played the second track and a moment later Donna came back to life, once more jogging in place.

Donna blinked a few times and then smiled, “I… I think you might be on to something there Rob.” she replied without much confidence, her memory fuzzy about what she’d just heard.

“You think so? So you like it, right?” Rob asked and she nodded.

“Thanks.” he replied and then stepped to the side to let her jog on past him towards her apartment.

As she did she felt herself push her breasts out just a little and hopped he’d notice.

Rob watched Donna’s ass head down the hallway and made a mental note to update the subliminals that he blasted at Donna’s wall each day. Most of them were fine, just basic stuff to make her malleable and submissive to his wants and desires, but the new information about her former stripping career definitely warranted some new ones.

He couldn’t wait for the first time she come over to his apartment an performed a real strip tease for him. They said that there wasn’t any sex with a stripper in the VIP, but there was going to be a whole lot of sex with this stripper in his apartment very soon.