“Tada! Do you like it? *giggle*” Lady Butterfly asked and the flapped her wings and hovered up off the floor just a bit.

There wasn’t much to her new costume, but then again, there wasn’t much to her superhero career either. In fact, she hardly left her boyfriends condo at all, just when he wanted to go out to a club, or show her off at some fancy fundraiser or something.

Not that she ever showed her wings in public of course, that was definitely a no-no.

She hovered over to where Cameron was sitting and landed on his lap, resting her arms on his shoulders and giving her tits a shake.

He gave a wicked grin and then reached up and pulled her top to the sides, exposing her erect nipples, “Oh I like it very much… it really shows off your powers.” he finally said and then leaned forward and took one of her nipples between his lips.

She let out a low moan and titled her head back, “Oh god baby… Molly loves it when you suck on her titties! *giggle*”

The sound of her name slipping from her own lips made her pussy twitch. She hardly even thought of herself as Lady Butterfly any more.

She rocked her hips back and forth as Cameron reached around and grabbed her ass, her own hands shooting to his crotch to undo his zipper and fish his dick from his pants. When she did, she guided it right to her pussy and used it to easily push aside the small strip of the material her costume was made of that hid her modesty.

Then she slammed down hard and squealed in joy, “Oh my god! Molly needs your cock so bad baby!”

She rode him hard and fast, desperate to get what she knew was coming, but he denied her far longer than she would have liked. Eventually though, just like old times when she was a famous superhero, she was victorious and she felt his cum burst deep inside of her.

* * *

Cameron felt the heft of Molly collapse on top of his chest and gave her ass one final slap.

It hadn’t been easy corrupting one of the cities premier hero’s, but they all had weaknesses, he’d just had to take the time to find Lady Butterfly’s.

It had taken months to track down the exact chemical signature that would trigger her metamorphoses phase, when she was unprotected. Then it was relatively easy to get her separated from the other hero’s and trigger it.

Once back at his lab it had been straight forward enough to corrupt the process and produce… Molly.

At first he hadn’t been sure if he’d succeeded, she looked the same, but the instant she smiled up at him with that hunger in her eyes, he knew he had nothing to worry about.