“Hey… quit staring you old pervert!” Alexa said as she shot daggers at the man laying on the suncot by the pool. She’d come down for a swim and didn’t need any creepy old guy perving out on her hot body.

The man looked to both sides and then pointed his finger at himself like he didn’t know that she was talking to him.

“Yeah, you. Why don’t you go back to your room and rent a pay-per-view movie so you can get your rocks off!”

The man smiled and shook his head and then, somehow, she saw an twinkle in his eyes and a sudden shiver ran over her body.

“Fuck you old man!” she said and left in a huff.

Alexa couldn’t help but star at the man from that morning with a mix of confusion and desire.

She knew something had changed, by lunch time she’d gone back to her room feeling a little odd and took a nap. She woke up a couple of hours later, furiously masturbating.

After quite a while, she managed to drag herself out of her room and head down to the pool again, just as the sun had started to set, so she could cool off in the water.

That had been a mistake as only a few minutes after she arrived, so had he.

Now, as he sat there relaxing, not paying any attention to her, she so desperately wanted to go over and talk to him… to apologize for that morning.

Well, that was only partly true. She also desperately wanted to go over and suck his dick.

She let out a little whimper and then managed to turn away… which was her second mistake, as by the time she turned back around he was gone.

She dunked herself in the water and let out a blood curtaling screen of frustration.

Lexi bounced up in front of the man and smiled, flashing a bright smile and her fingers in a peace sign too.

“Hey, I come in peace, I promise Mister.” she said honestly.

He looked up and stared at her tits and a shiver ran through her body. It felt far better than the entire night of masturbation she’d done.

By the time she woke up she knew her tits were bigger, she was hornier, and he was the only release she’d fine. So she’d squeezed into the tightest bikini she’d brought with her on vacation and headed out to search for him.

She’d walked around for several hours, many of the other male guests hitting on her, until she’d finally found him sitting here on a cot on the beach.

“I want to apologize for yesterday. I’m reaaaally sorry for what I said and was hoping I could make it up to you…” she continued as she walked over and sat on the edge of the cot as pushed her ass right up against his thigh.

He smiled and sent another wave of pleasure through her, “Oh? And how did you think you would do that?” he asked.

She smiled again and moved her hand to his crotch, “Well, I was thinking you could take me back to your room and I could give you a blowjob, then you could fuck my tight little pussy.”

She paused for a moment and looked down at her tits, then continued, “Or anything else you might like.”

He sat upright and reached out, slipping his hand behind her head and pulling her in so their lips met and they kissed. Her whole world exploded and the only though left in her mind was if this was how good a kiss was, how good was his cock going to be?

Ten Years Later

“Hi cutie, how are you?” Lexi asked as the man walked by her suncot but just kept on walking.

She pouted sighed before she moved back to lay down once more.

It was getting harder to get the guys attention at the resort these last few years, but her tits were still big enough to attract enough so she never had to go back to her room alone at night.

It was always fun, and she came like a freight train no matter how good or bad they were in bed, it was one of the gifts the man had given her all those years ago.

Back home she had a number of regulars that fucked her along with the random hookups she was always on the lookout for. But when she came back to the resort each year at the same time, she was really only looking for one man… the man.

She grabbed her sun glasses and put them on, relaxing in the warmth of the sun, only to have it be broken by a shadow fall across her. She looked up to see a man she recognized from a few years ago, he’d been fun and so she smiled and gave him a little wave.

“Hey baby, long time!” she said as he smiled down at her.

“I was hoping you’re remember me… I wanted to catch up with you… say back in my room?”

“Absolutely! Just give me your room number and I’ll drop by… say around 8ish? We can catch up *all* night long baby!”

The nodded and quickly told her his room number, which she transfer to her phone, satisfied to have tonights entertainment booked. Now all she had to do for the rest of the day was focus on finding who she was really looking for.

A small, tiny, unwelcome voice whispered in the back of her head that he was never coming back, but she pushed it out of her thoughts. It didn’t matter, she would be here each year as long as she was able to just in case.

She decided to focus on the man she had just spoken to, trying to remember the last time she’d been with him. A slight shiver ran over her body as the memory came back to her, he’d done a real number on her ass that night and she was looking forward to it again tonight.