Any cold war bimbo programs had dedicated testing facilities, where the bimbo’s would be put through their paces to ensure quality and reliability. While these facilities were of critical importance to the final outcomes of the programs, they were not highly funded or regarded, with most of the scientists holding the opinion that their, hands on, informal testing, was more than enough.

However, as the war went on, more and more programs built dedicated testing facilities, including the one seen here. While there are not identifiable marks to tell us which program this was front, it was no doubt an eastern european program of one sort or another.

With so few photographs surviving after the war of these facilities, any information that historians can gleam about them is important, and this one is no different. While clearly not in the top class of testing facilities, the equipment is well made and sturdy, not simply purchased from local retailers, and so this program was almost certainly creating high quality bimbos to deploy to the field.

Of course, those that failed testing also found uses, mostly withing the scientific community of the program itself.