A hands on kind of leader...

Saturday May 27, 2023

“Yes Sir, she’s right here Sir.” Unit 9476 said as she held her latex clad fingers against her earpiece.

“Very good, what’s her status?” the voice in her ear asked.

“Unconscious as expected Sir. The drug seems to have been 100% effective.” she replied.

The woman she stood over was sprawled out on the floor, still in her sparkly party dress and heels, her purse and phone scattered at her side.

“Any sign of external communications?”

She picked up the phone and turned on the screen, the dial pad was up with “91” entered by no more.

“No Sir. An attempt was made but failed.”

“Any external concerns?”

Unit 9476 lifted her hand from her earpiece to her visor and activated the transparency mode, she swiveled her head around scanning the adjoining apartments for signs of life.

“No Sir. All other residents on this floor are asleep at this time.”

“Good. Then you are go for conversion.”

“Understood Sir. Will report when conversion is completed. Unit 9476 out.”

The earpiece was silent and Unit 9476 got to work, kneeling down and stripping the woman of her clothes. Her body was in ideal condition for conversion, already lean and taught, her breasts large with implants, her waist small from exercise.

When she was done, she crossed the woman’s arms under her and slipped a soft length of rope around them to stop her from moving them, then she spread the woman’s legs and knelt down between them.

Unit 9476 placed her jet black lips on the woman’s vulva and then extended her jet black tongue into the woman’s vagina.

Jessie moaned as she regained conciousness and immediately three thoughts came to mind; the first was her attempt to dial 911 as she fainted, the second was the discomfort from laying on her arms, and the third was the pleasure coming from her pussy.

She tried to move her arms to proper herself up with but failed, not quite yet realizing that they were secured behind her, instead she lifted her head up as far as she could, only to see the blonde hair that was bobbing up and down between her legs.

“Wha… tha…” she got out a little groggily before another wave of pleasure coursed over her, “Ooooooooo!”

She let her head drop back down just in time to see two latex covered hands reach up and grab hold of her breasts and squeeze them.

She let out a moan, then a whimper, only to feel the cool air of her apartment invade her pussy as the blonde hair moved up into sight.

Jessie gasped at what she saw, the woman was beautiful, but in a dark forboding way.

“Please… stop…” Jessie got out, her senses starting to return to her, but the woman did not stop, and instead took one of Jessie’s nipples between her black lips and started to suck on it.

Jessie gasped and moaned as the woman moved back and forth between her nipples for several minutes, all the while her pussy was tingling like it was till being licked.

Then, without warning, the woman moved up Jessie’s body and placed a kiss right on her lips. Without a thought Jessie thrust her tongue into the other woman’s mouth.

Jessie wasn’t sure how long it was before she came back to her senses again, but by that time the woman was between her legs again, her tongue buried deep inside of her pussy.

She managed to get her head up enough to look down once more, but this time she could only whimper a little at what she saw.

The first thing was her erect nipples, covered in shiny black latex that came down over her areola as well. She could tell the one the woman had sucked on first had more latex than the other one.

The second thing was the black latex that covered her entire hips, almost all the way up to her belly button.

“No… please…” she managed to get out and the woman seemed to take notice, moving up slightly from where she was.

Her lips found Jessie’s clit and Jessie fell back, arching her back, as an orgasm rushed over her.

The the woman’s lips released Jessie’s clit and she spoke for the first time, “You are Unit 13751, you are made for pleasure. Confirm.”

“No! No… I’m not! I’m not!” she whimpered and the woman leaned in again and sucked on Jessie’s clit once more.

“AHHHHHHHH!” Jessie screamed as another massive orgasm crashed over her.

“You are Unit 13751, you are made for pleasure. Confirm.”

Jessie just whimpered a little more and when the woman was satisfied that no answer was forthcoming, she went back to Jessie’s pussy.

“I… I am… I am Unit 13751… I am… I am made for… pleausre…” Jessie mumbled as the woman was sucking on her nipples.

Both of her beasts were completely covered in latex, much like Jessie suspected her face was. The latex from her groin had coming all the way up to her breasts and converged with the latex spreading from her there to cover her entire midrift.

She suspecter legs were mostly covered as well, but she wasn’t able to see them.

The woman popped her lips from Jessie’s nipple and instead took hold of both of Jessie’s nipples with her latex covered fingers and pulled hard on them.

“OH MY GOD!” Jessie cried as another orgasm crashed over her.

Everywhere the latex covered was so much more sensitive now, the woman just rubbing any part of it could bring her to orgasm withing a minute or so. The assault on her nipples gave her no chance to do otherwise.

“Please… please… I am Unit 13751…” she whimpered but the woman continued to ignore her pleas and instead slip back down to her pussy and return to her work.

“You are Unit 13751, you are made for pleasure. Confirm.” Unit 9476 commanded once more.

“Unit 13751 is made for pleasure. Confirm.” Unit 13751 replied in a stoic, calm voice.

“You are Unit 13751, you are made for pleasure. Confirm.”

“Unit 13751 is made for pleasure. Confirm.”

“You are Unit 13751, you are made for pleasure. Confirm.”

“Unit 13751 is made for pleasure. Confirm.”

Unit 9476, satisfied that the conversion was complete stood up and looked down at Unit 13751 that was now covered in black latex from head to toe.

“Unit 13751, roll over.” Unit 9476 commanded.

“Unit 13751 obeys.” Unit 13751 replied and rolled over onto its stomach.

Unit 9476 bent over and removed the rope holding Unit 13751 hands together and the stood back up.

“Unit 13751 stand at attention.”

“Unit 13751 obeys.” Unit 13751 replied and stood up, then turned to face Unit 9476.

Unit 9476 reached up and touched her earpiece, a slight crackle of static came over it and then a voice.

“Unit 9476, report.”

“Unit 9476 reporting Sir. Conversion complete. Unit 13751 is ready for pickup.”

“Good, any issues.”

“No Sir. Conversion complete on schedule. Unit 13751 was very receptive to the conversion.”

“Perfect. Pickup in ten minutes at the rear enterance. Confirm.”

“Confirmed Sir.”

Then the earpiece went silent and Unit 9476 went over to the backpack she had come into the apartment with.

She pulled out a full length coat and held it out towards Unit 13751, “Unit 13751 activate public mode. Confirm.”

“Activating public mode. Confirm.” Unit 13751 replied as she reached out and took the proffered coat. She slipped it over her shoulders just as the latex started to recced from her face.

When it was done, Unit 13751’s long blonde hair fell down around her shoulders, coming to rest on the coat. Her face was pale white, highlighted by her jet black lips.

Unit 9476 went back to the backpack and slipped her visor from her face and placed in securely into the backpack, then picked up her own coat from the chair she had placed it on and put it on as well.

“Unit 13751 follow Unit 9476, do not engage with any people. Confirm.”

“Unit 13751 will follow Unit 9476. Unit 13751 will not engage with any people. Confirm.”

Unit 13751 left the apartment that she had once called home and did not look back.

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