Sondra wasn’t so sure about this now, yes the restaurant was upscale and the site claimed to vet all of it’s users, but even so… was online dating really the answer for her?

Yes she was a busy woman, with little time to try and meet someone, with her thriving design consultancy, charitable works for those less fortunate, and her women’s rights advocacy, an online service had seemed like the only chance she had.

She’d dedicated some time to research the options and found them all to be lacking, at least until her girlfriend had given her The Perfect Match’s website. Sondra hadn’t been able to find out much about it, but the little that was available indicated it was very exclusive with only the best people on it.

She’d, after her girlfriend had encouraged her for the umpteenth time, signed up and started browsing around. There had been a few of the expected “gentlemen” on the site looking for trophy wives, but the majority of men seemed to be stable, well cultured, and looking for something more.

She’d chatted with a few, but hadn’t found a real connection, though she did find herself spending more and more time browsing the site. That was until a VIP concierge had messaged her with an exclusive match with one of the VIP’s on the site, Johnathan. The moment she’d viewed his profile and seen his photo for the first time, she’d just *felt* like he was going to be the right one for her.

She nervously looked around once more and then caught sight of Johnathan walking towards her, she smiled and quickly double checked her outfit to make sure everything was perfect.

She’d really debated about what to wear to their first date, she’d initially thought about something far more conservative, but she wanted to make a good impression and eventually settle on the pink checker pattern skirt and jacket that she now wore.

“Hi Johnathan!” she said a little more enthusiastically than she had intended as she wave at him.

He smiled and waved back as he walked up to her, “Hi Sondra, you look amazing.”

A little tingle ran through her and she blushed a little, “Thank you Johnathan, you look handsome as well.” she replied.

It was true too, his receding hairline, the majority that was left was almost snow white, really gave him a distinguished look about him. He wasn’t overweight, at least not by much, and he carried himself with confidence which was really the icing on the cake.

He extended his arm and she hooked her’s through his, her nervousness suddenly disappearing as they walked into the restaurant.

“Is this ok Johnathan?” Sondra asked as she cocked her hip to the side and struck a pose.

Johnathan looked up from his phone and smiled, “Looks great Sondra.” then walked over and wrapped his arm around her and brought her in close for a kiss. Their tongues intertwined and she moaned as her nipples hardened and her pussy moistened.

God she loved the way he just *did* things!

He broke off the kiss and grabbed her free hand, pulling her towards the front door and she trotted along behind him, her heels clicking against the marble floor of his condo as she did.

They’d been dating for a few weeks and she was head over heals for him. On their second date, they’d gone to another fancy restaurant, but instead of calling her an Uber and sending her home when it was done like on their first date, he’d called an Uber for the two of them and taken her back to his place.

She hand’t left until the next morning when she’d had to rush to get back to her place and change before her first appointment of the day.

But just thinking about that night made her weak in the knees, and did nothing to calm down her throbbing pussy that was already in overdrive as the headed toward the elevator. When the doors closed behind them, he pulled her in tight once more, kissing her again, but grabbing her ass as well.

She moaned and wiggled her ass, taking in every moment of it, loving every moment of it, as they continued towards the lobby. She was disappointed to hear the bing of the elevator indicated they had arrived and Johnathan broke off the kiss and pulled her from the elevator just as easily as he’d dragged her into it.

When the arrived in their Uber, she quickly fixed up her makeup, checked her outfit, then leaned in to rest her head on his shoulder. His hand was on her inner thigh and she could only hope that he slipped it farther up than it was.

Sondra smiled and hung off of Johnathan arm, half listening to the conversation that the men in the circle were having. A few of the other men and women on their arms as well, the man to the left of her had a buxom blonde with the puffiest lips Sondra had ever seen. The man across from them had a tall redhead that looked like a supermodel on his arm. All of the women, including Sondra, seemed focused on the men more than the conversation.

When two of the other men seemed to take over the conversation, Johnathan took the opportunity to move his hand down onto Sondra ass and lean in to whisper to her.

“Follow me… I’ve got an idea.” he said and then took her by the hand and led her way from the group.

It didn’t take long for her to realized they were heading away from the main ballroom where the charity event was being held, right to the bathrooms. When the arrived Sondra started to go to the left to the women’s bathrooms, but Johnathan kept hold of her hand and pulled her toward the men’s room.

She wanted to protest, but found herself lost for works as he opened the door and pulled her inside. Flustered and unable to do anything, it was almost a relief when he pushed her into one of the stalls and closed the door behind them. It was a tight fit, but he managed to swap places with her and sit down on the toilet seat.

“Johnathan… what… what are we doing here?” she whispered.

Johnathan grinned up at her but instead of saying anything, unzipped his pants and pulled them down, his semi stiff shaft bouncing a little between his legs.

God she loved sucking his cock… she thought as she licked her lips and then looked back to Johnathan. He again didn’t say a word but instead placed his hands on her shoulders and guided her down onto her knees.

When she got there, she quickly wrapped her lips around him and started to bob her head up and down. Her hands went to the hem of her skirt and she lifted it up so her fingers could get to her pussy just as Johnathan placed his hands on her head and guided the pace of her blowjob.

It was all just too much… she didn’t care that anyone passing by would have been able to see her feet sticking out from beneath the stall door, or that they’d know exactly what was going on. She let Johnathan take complete control and soon her own orgasm crashed over her as she swallowed yet another load of his cum.

Sondra snapped the selfie and sent it to Johnathan, “Can’t wait for you to get home!” she added.

It had been a wild few months since that night in the bathroom stall. She was still amazed at how much she liked Johnathan being in control of her, so much so that she never questioned anything he wanted now.

She’d moved into his condo soon afterwards, closed down her consulting firm, removed herself from all of the boards and charities she was on, and even gotten her breasts enlarged all at his command.

The latex was new though, she’d just received the package that morning and she’d spend the day trying to get it just right.

Her phone binged and she read his reply, “Looking good, can’t wait.”

A shiver of pleasure ran through her and then she opened the shopping app to check on the other orders she’d placed. Most were still being shipped but a few were on their way.

“Yes, yes! Fuck Sona, fuck Sona hard!” Sondra cried out as she knelt on all fours, the zipper that ran across her pussy and ass wide open as Johnathan slide deep into her pussy. His hands on her latex covered ass felt nearly as good as his dick inside of her and she moaned and grunted as he continued to slam her.

He raised his hand and gave her ass a slap between stroked and she gasped, flung her hair over her shoulder and looked back at him, “Yeah baby, Sona been bad. Slap Sona’s ass…”

Instead of slapping her ass again, he grabbed a hold of her hair, pulled out of her pussy and dragged her head to the edge of the bed then flipped her over so she was looking up at her.

She quickly grabbed hold of his dick and started to pump it, aiming it right at her face, “Baby, Sona wants your cum so bad… give it to Sona baby… right in Sona’s face!”

She didn’t have to work long before the first spurt of cum hit her across the nose, several more followed and she orgasmed as each one hit her.

Sondra watched Johnathan walk toward the bathroom to clean up as she bathed in the afterglow of another amazing fucking by him. She let out a contented sigh and used a finger to scoop some of his cum into her mouth and then sucked on it.

She was still figuring out how best to perform in bed for him, “Sona” was her latest attempt. She viewed it as kind of a role play, a horny, slutty asian girl that liked to refer to herself in the third person. It was so fucking hot.

Each time she seemed to go a little farther then the last with it, but she wasn’t sure what to do next. She scooped another stream of cum into her mouth as inspiration suddenly hit her.

Sona looked over at Johnathan from the window and the smiled. Her big tits stood out from her body proudly, her long blonde hair screamed asian tart, and everything else about her shouted “slut”.

She had become Johnathan perfect match months ago, and now was happy to know it.

“You want Sona to suck cock? You wanna fuck Sona’s tight little pussy? Mmmmmm… Sona make you cum long time mister.” she said as she swayed her hips on her way over to the bed. She crawled up onto it and over top of Johnathan as he lay there until she could wrap her tits around his dick.

She pushed her tits together and bit her lower lip for a moment, “Mmmmm… yeah mister, Sona got big fake titties just so they could be fucked.”

Sona stoked up and down for a while, using her lips to wrap around the tip of his dick when it came close to them. Eventually she couldn’t resist any longer and when her lips wrapped around him again, she let go of her tits and went all the way down on him, sending his dick deep into her throat.

Her head bobbed up and down, her eyes locked on his, his smile sending waves of pleasure through her, until he was good and hard. Then she popped off of his cock and moved herself up and impaled herself on his shaft.

“Fuck mister! You got big cock! Sona loves big cock in Sona’s tight little pussy!” she cried out and then grabbed her tits as she bounced up and down on him.

“You fuck Sona so good mister!” she said as she let go of her tits and then gave each one a slap before taking hold of her nipples and twisting them.

She felt the first spurt of cum enter her and she pushed down hard onto him, rocking her hips back and forth quickly, “Yes! YES! You cum in Sona! You give Sona yummy cum!”

She gripped his cock as tightly as she could with her pussy and then leaned forward, pushing her tits into his chest and kissing him while still bouncing her hips as much as she could.

Johnathan watched Sondra suck the last drops of cum from his dick and then slap her tits with it to get any last remnants that might have eluded her. Once she was satisfied there was no more for her to get she crawled up and cuddled against his chest.

He laid there for a few minutes until he heard his phone bing on his nightstand and he reached over to get it. Unlocking it he saw a notification from “The Perfect Match” application and he tapped on it.

"Renewal Notice:  This is just a friendly reminder that it's time to renew your membership!  If you want to continue to receive all the perks of being a VIP just got to the payment tab and select renew!"

Johnathan smiled and tapped the notification that opened the app to his profile page. He quickly tabbed over to and hit the renew button, it was the best money he’d ever spent on an app.

Then he went back to his profile and reread the opening line:

"My perfect match is a slutty blonde asian with big tits that loves to follow instruction.  Must be discreet when in public but willing to perform at any time."

Perhaps it was time to update his profile, he had his asian, but there was no reason he couldn’t have two perfect matches was there?