Lady Patriot blushed and smiled as she looked down to the ground, “Thank you Sir.” she replied.

A little tickle of pleasure coursed through her as she did so, a leftover from the mental programming she’d undergone over the last few months. She was no longer the champion of the city, defender of justice, hero of the people. Those titles were no longer hers, her only title now was servant to her Master.

She heard him click his fingers and she quickly wiggled her ass over to him, kneeling down as soon as she arrived without making eye contact. Instead she reached up and parted his robe, taking his dick into her hands and guiding it to her lips, lovingly sucking into her mouth.

Her head bobbed back and forth as her pussy moistened. Her fingers pulled her tits from her bikini top and she tweaked her nipples before she took his balls into her hands and massaged them.

Out of the corner of her eye she could see the camera that was streaming the entire thing across the internet.

It didn’t take her long, with her super powered lungs, to bring him to climax. She sucked every last drop from his balls and then, when she was done, turned to the camera and show the world what she’d done. Then she swallowed every last drop and blew a kiss and winked to the audience she knew was there.

“If anyone wants to sample my skills, just contact Master and he’ll entertain any serious offers.” she said and then turned back and started licking Master’s cock from base to tip as it softened and the camera continued to broadcast.

There would be too many offers for her Master to accept all of them, but she looked forward to those that he did accept. She looked forward to the opportunity to prove her obedience and worth to him.