A hands on kind of leader...

Wednesday June 14, 2023

Barbra sat on the edge of the bed, ran her fingers through her hair to push it back over her shoulder and then rolled her eyes.

“Look, just because I gave you a blowjob doesn’t mean you control me or anything.” she said with disdain.

I smiled as I sat in the chair across from her still naked from the aforementioned blowjob, “Really? Hmmm, well, do you remember what you said to me, what six months ago?” I asked.

She frowned a little as she tried to think back that far.

“Ugh… yeah. I said you’d better have a good vacuum at home if you wanted to feel what it was like to have your dick sucked.” she replied, without a hint of realization.

“Yep, and do you remember what I’d said to elicit such a response from you?”

Her brow furrowed for a moment, “Yeah… You said something about how small by tits were.” she replied, taking her tits into her hands and pushing them together a little as she looked down with a smile.

Then she looked back up at me with a frown, “Look, just because I decided to get a boob job, and you know, show a little pity once in a while and suck your cock, doesn’t mean you control me.” she replied confidently and stood up.

“And the hair, or the wardrobe change, or the time at the gym, those were all you as well then.”

She nodded and took a step towards the hotel door. I stood up and blocked her way so she came to a halt with an annoyed expression on her face. I stepped in close and grabbed her hips, turning her around to face the bed again and pushed her forward until she was right at the edge of it, then bent her over and kicked her legs apart.

I pulled up her dress over her hips and slide by dick over her bare pussy. She threw her hair over her shoulder with a flick of her head and shot daggers at me with her eyes.

“And this?” I asked, giving her ass a good slap.

“Fuck! You know you’re never gonna get balls deep into my pussy…” she replied as she reached around and took hold of my dick, moving up and away from her pussy right to her sphincter.

“Ahhhh!” she let out a little cry as I pushed into it, followed by a low moan.

She pushed back hard, sending me in deep into her, then she started rocking back and forth, stroking me in and out of her ass.

“Mmmm… god that feels so goooood…” she let out in a low moan, “Fuck my tight little ass!”

I let her rock back and forth, she sped up and slowed down and then sped up again, forcing me deeper and deeper into her over time.

“And this is all you as well right? Putting my cock into your ass, fucking yourself with it, making yourself into an anal only slut instead of letting me fuck your pussy?” I asked.

“Fuck yes! It’s all me! I’m in control! I’m fucking your cock with my ass right now because I want it!” she cried out and pushed back hard, forcing me to take a step back before pushing forward again.

I gave her ass a slap, then another, sending ripples of goosebumps across her body as she shivered from the pleasure.

Then I grabbed her hips, pushed in as deep as I could, and released inside of her.

“OH MY GOD!” she cried out as the best orgasm of her life crashed over her. Her back arched as her anus squeezed around my dick and pulsed, forcing every last drop of cum from me that it could.

I pulled out and tapped her ass with my dick, flicking the last few drops of cum onto her and then headed to the bathroom to clean up, leaving her facedown and dazed on the ed, her ass in the air with my cum dripping from it.

Barbra heard the bathroom door close and smiled, god the cum running down her leg from her ass felt so good.

David was nuts if he thought she did this for any other reason than her own pleasure. She laid there for a few moments and then pushed herself up off the bed, taking a couple of tissues from her purse and wiping the cum from her leg. She grabbed the pink anal plug from her purse and pushed it securely into her ass to ensure no more would dribble out.

Then she pulled down her dress and walked over to the full length mirror, double checking herself to make sure there was nothing out of place. When she was finished, she looked straight ahead into the mirror and smiled, then pouted a little as she tucked her purse under her arm and took her tits into her hands and gave them a little jiggle.

David had been right all those months ago, her little b cups had been little, but her surgery a few months later had really solved that problem.

At least, she’d thought so at the time. Now… she wasn’t quite as sure.

It wasn’t because David kept telling her that a good pair of tits should be bigger than her head, hell no. David didn’t control her or what she thought. Instead, she had to admit that even with her tits as big as they were, it was hard to really get the wrapped around a cock and get them pounded good and hard. There just wasn’t enough flesh there to get the dick well encased between them and stop it from popping out once in a while.

She took her purse into her hand once more and then quickly made her exit as she heard the shower being shut off. She was halfway to the elevator when she pulled her phone from her purse and flicked through the contacts until she found her plastic surgeon and dialed his number.

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