Ok, I have to admit that the prototypes are a little… cumbersome, but they have definitely been effective.

Tabitha was a neighbour of mine and I knew there was something off about her. The neighbourhood skewed older, in fact at fifty I was one of the younger homeowners. Tabitha was in her early twenties and had moved into the large house beside me, alone, about six months ago.

She worked from home, which wasn’t all that unusual these days, but I often saw her out in her backyard during the day or riding her bike down the nature path that ran behind our homes, and her lights on at all hours of the night.

As for myself, I’d been fortunate to have been with an early 2000’s startup, and cashed out a few years later with enough money to retire more than comfortably with. Since then, I’d been working on my own passion projects, like the prototype that Tabitha was wearing.

I smiled as she came to a stop at the back of my property and waved at her, “Hey Tabitha, how’s it going?” I called out.

She smiled back and waved, “Great!”, she replied as I walked to the back of my property.

“How are you finding the prototype?” I asked.

“It’s amazing!” she replied and touched the side of it, “I just never want to take it off!”

I suppressed a chuckle, it was one of the first things that the prototype re-enforced, the desire to wear it.

I nodded as we continued to make some small talk. It had taken a little while after she’d moved in to get her to open up a little, but I had always been pretty good at gaining the trust of others and soon enough we were chatting more and more. I’d invited her over one afternoon to hang out at my pool, and after a few drinks, she’d finally let slip that she was an internet adult model.

It made sense, everything fit, her odd hours, her excessive disposable income, etc.

It also gave me an easy in to start talking about my AR prototype, which she was instantly interested in. I’d taken it slowly, giving her a few demonstrations in my backyard at first, but it quickly got it’s hooks into her mind and soon enough she was asking if she could take it home.

That had been about a month ago and now all the readings I was getting from the prototype showed she was ready.

“Tabitha, would you mind coming into my house and giving me your opinion on something?” I asked.

“Sure, of course, I’d be happy too.” she replied and we walked to my back door and into the house, leaving her bicycle by the door.

I closed the door behind us as we entered my living room and then I spoke, “Tabitha, compliance mode.” I said and she came to a sudden halt.

Her body stiffened, her arms shot to her sides, her feet came together as she pushed her chest out, “Compliance mode active.” her voice said.

I walked around in front of her and slipped the prototype from her head, “How are you feeling Tabitha?”

“Ready for instruction Sir.” her steady and confident voice replied.

I nodded, “How often are you thinking of me and how often does it lead to masturbation?” I asked.

“Quite often, at least half a dozen times a day Sir. I masturbate at least twice a day to the thought of you Sir.”

“And what kind of fantasies do you have about me?”

“A few different ones Sir. Often about being your trophy wife, but also about being your secret slutty neighbour, and sometimes just being a blow up sex doll with three holes for you to use as you see fit.”

I smiled and nodded, the subliminal messages that the prototype was burrowing deep into her mind had taken root well.

“Tabitha, engage slutty neighbour mode.” I said and her eyes blinked several times and the a wicked smile cross her lips.

She stepped forward and placed her hands on chest and looked up at me, “God, I’m so horny, I really need a cock in me. I know you’ve been watching me in my backyard, I bet you’ve even been wanking off to me… I think it’s time to take care of that properly…” she said and then kissed me passionately on the lips.

We were on my couch making out moment later and shortly after that I was fucking her with all my pent up desire.

I watched Tabitha wiggle her ass as she walked her bicycle back out to the path, once more wearing the prototype as she headed back to her house. Then I turned and walked down to my basement lab and sat in front of my computer, the 3d model of the next version of the prototype slowly spinning on screen.

It was much smaller, half the size of the current one, but still wasn’t small enough for my liking.

Fortunately, with no deadlines or shareholders to report to, I could take all the time I wanted to get it right.

I minimized the window and then pulled up the control panel for the prototype, opening up the command interface and adding a new line to it:

Time to update my breast implants, they need to be bigger and firmer and higher.

I saved the new command and watched the progress bar move across the screen as it was sent to the prototype.

Tabitha’s breasts implants would have been considered spectacular by almost anyone else; large, soft, not too high, not too low. But I’d always had a very specific preference when it came implants, and her’s just didn’t quite cut it for me.

Of course by the time she was ready to move into my place, that wouldn’t be a problem and she’d be happy to show off her giant new implants as she hung off my arm.