A hands on kind of leader...

Saturday June 17, 2023

Sandra stared directly ahead, her dead eyes consuming what was displayed on the monitor in front of her. She had only managed to get half way through her workout today before the urge to simply stare straight at it had overcome her.

She’d been a member of the gym since she was in highschool, and all throughout her college career as a pole vaulter, but now as she had graduated and started working, it had become even more important to her. Which was why she’d been so concerned with the old owner, Terry, had sold it to Jim. She’d gone so far as to express her concerns to Jim in very colourful language.

Terry was a kindly old man that kept the gym in tip top condition and made sure everyone was comfortable there. Jim seemed like kind of a sleaze and only interested in profit. So far though, she’d been wrong about him, with upgrades to the TV’s and equipment being some of the first things he’d done.

Her eyes still fixated on the display, she gently set teh weights she was holding down and continued to watch as the flashing lights and soft sounds of the music video that was playing continued to enthrall her.

Sandra smiled as she held the sides of the bars, “Hey Jim!” she said as the owner of the gym stood at the other end of the euqipment.

“Hey Sandra, looking good. Everything I can help you with?” he replied back.

She shook her head and started her next workout, which had changed pretty significantly in the few months since Jim had taken over. She’d realized that trying to maintain her old college physic was pretty silly really. She wasn’t in school anymore and she needed to focus on other things.

So she’d started to add on some weight and focus on other exercises, and she had to admit she was really happy with the results.

She’d even decided to pamper herself just this week with a trip to the salon and gone for a completely new hairstyle that she absolutely loved!

Sandra looked over at Jim with annoyance, this outfit really wasn’t her style at all!

She’d agreed to do a photoshoot to promote the gym, but she assumed it would be in one of her usual workout outfits, not this barely there set of straps!

“Jim… I don’t know about this…” she said as he smiled at her.

“Oh? Not reveling enough?” he asked completely innocently.

She blinked and forrowed her brow for a moment, confused by his reply, “No… I mean… I… I just thought…” she sputtered as he walked over.

“Look Sandra, it looks fine, but if you want to go with something more revealing I brought something with me just in case.”

Her eyes widened and she shook her head from side to side, “No! No, this is fine… I don’t know what I was thinking…” she said and the hurried over to where the photographer had setup.

She posed and smiled for the camera as the photographer instructed her on what to do.

It was kinda surreal, she’d never thought of herself as sexy, but in the last few months that had really changed. So much so that she’d even gone under the knife to add some volume to her breasts from the “damage” all of her years of workouts had done.

Went the photoshoot was over, Jim walked over to her and slipped his arm around her waist and his hand onto her ass. Instead of objecting, she let out a little gasp as pleasure surged from where his hand made contact with her skin and she let him guide her towards the back of the gym.

“I’ve got someone I want you to mean Sandra, he’s a very important member, a VIP you might say.” the three little letters sent a chill through Sandra as her nipples hardened and her pussy moistened.

“A… a VIP you say?” she asked in a breath voice, her eyes defocused and her breath quickening.

“Yes, he’s very excited to meet you. I’m sure you’ll take good care of him, won’t you?”

“Yes, yes. A VIP must always be well taken care of.” she replied as they came up to a man standing in front of Jim’s office.

Jim gave her a little push forwards with his hand still on her ass and she reached out to take hold of the man’s arm to steady herself a little.

As soon as her fingers came in contact with his arm a shiver of pleasure ran through her and she let out a little coo and smiled.

Sandi stood in front of the wall, her long blonde hair coming down to her tits, the thin fabric of her lingerie doing little to conceal her body. To her left was a similarly attired redhead and to her left another blonde. All together there were about half a dozen of them standing in line against the wall.

None of them were in the slightest interested in those that stood beside them, instead all of their eyes were focused on the man standing beside Jim, the VIP.

“As you can see, we have quite a selection for you to choose from.” Jim said to the VIP.

“I can see that. Anyone you might suggest?” the VIP asked and Sandi’s heart leapt up into her throat.

She knew she was one of Jim’s favorites, he often said she was one of the best cocksuckers in the gym… and not a bad lay either. She’d been working on that of course, using the “private” equipment that Jim had setup in a separate area for the members like her to improve her ability to fuck. She’d been working on getting her vaginal muscles to really grip a cock and pull it into her.

She still had a ways to go, but she was improving and that was what was important.

“Well if you want a quick blowjob that you can’t go wrong with Sandi…” Jim said pointing over in her direction and her stomach did a backflip in excitement.

“But Jen’s pussy feels like a vice if you’re looking to take some more time.” Jim continued, pointing to a brunette at the other end of the line.

The VIP nodded and then looked at Jen, “I’ve got some time today, no need to rush…” he replied and then walked over and took Jen away from the lineup.

Sandi’s heart was crushed, but instead of feeling sorry for herself, she made a beeline for the private workout area and doubled her efforts.

Sandi tried to smile as the VIP walked into the room, her lips hardly moving from all the fillers in them, but it didn’t matter.

The VIP walked over and pushed his thumb up to her lips and she eagerly wrapped them around it, suckling on it as she moaned. Jim had been so impressed with her efforts to improve that he’d assigned her to one of the private rooms that he’d built in the unit beside the gym, permanently.

His words still echoed in her head from when he’d told her just after she’d demonstrated how good of fuck she was, “You’re the best fuck I’ve ever had. I can hardly believe how much of an improvement you are over that scrawny little bitch you used to be.”

She’d thanked him and sucked his cock some more until there wasn’t any more cum to drain from his balls. Afterwards he’d taken her to this very room and told her that she had enough VIP’s requesting her every day that this was her room from then on.

The VIP pushed her back and pulled her top down, sucking on her tits, then pushed up her skirt and mounted her, fucking her with deep thrust that she moaned and gasped at.

When he was finished and left, she cleaned herself, and the room, up and returned to the edge of the bed where the monitor beside the door fixated her gaze as she waited for the next VIP to arrive.

A frown would have appeared on her face if her lips had allowed it, but none the less, the nagging thought of the room at the end of the hallway kept floating to the front of her mind.

The private rooms were all off of the hallway, with half a dozen on each side, and one at the very end. The ones at the sides were all identical to her’s; a bed, a couch, a pole, and a bathroom. The one at the end of the hall was different. It was twice the size of her’s, with a fancy bed and lots of other equipment that she could use with the VIP’s.

The problem was that only the best of the best got that room and she’d been trying to get it for weeks. At the moment Karen had it, the short haired blonde had laid claim to it for as long as Sandi had been there.

When she’d asked Jim what she had to do to get it, he’d smiled and taken her back to her room and fucked her ass hard, slamming his cock deep into her ass. She’d mewed and moaned with each stroke, and shivered as an orgasm crested when he’d released inside of her. His words as he left still remained with her.

“Karen is the best anal fuck in the building. She squeals like a pig, begs for it harder and faster, tells the VIP’s she deserve to be used, and has trained her ass to massage their cocks with every stroke. When you can do that, you might have a chance to take Karen’s crown.”

She had three more VIP’s today, but she knew that after that she’d be able to go back to the private training room and get a few hours in before she headed home. She’d been working hard, and was confident that in a few more weeks she’d be able to ask Jim to test her ass again.

Even if she didn’t pass his test then, she was sure she would eventually, no matter how many times he had to fuck her ass.

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