A hands on kind of leader...

Thursday March 02, 2023

“Shit!” Drew thought to herself as Ron’s ball snaked towards the hole from a good fifteen yards away, making it to the center of the cup and giving a satisfying sound as it rolled around the bottom of it.

She’d been touring around the country for months, playing money matches, and beating the best that were out there, she couldn’t afford to lose to this guy. She needed to throw him off his game somehow.

A smile crossed her lips and she started walking towards her own ball, just a few feet away from the hole. She took a moment and then posed between it and the hole while turning towards him and cocked her hip as she leaned on her putter.

“Say… you want to make this a little more interesting?” she asked slyly.

“I don’t know, what did you have in mind?” he asked with a smile.

Something had bugged her about him from the moment that they’d met, and she still didn’t know what it was, but his smile sent a shiver of fear through her every time he flashed it at her.

She didn’t like to have to stupe to using her looks to win a bet, but she wasn’t beneath it either. Many of her opponents had just assumed she was just eye candy and they’d been easy to take advantage of. This guy though, he hadn’t given any quarter when negotiating the terms of the wager and she knew he was going to be a challenge.

“Well… if you win… I’ll… you know.” she said pushing her tongue into her cheek a few times to make sure he got the message.

“And if you win?” he asked, the smile turning to a smirk which was almost worse.

“Let’s say… double?” she suggested.

He gave a fake frown and then nodded his head, “Sounds good to me.”

She was down two holes already, but she knew that this game was mostly mental, and the thought of a blowjob had sent more than one of her opponents spiraling down into a complete collapse. She had lots of holes left to make them up.

Drew hid her frown and shook Ron’s hand, “Good game Ron.”

“You too.” he replied and a shiver ran up her arm until he let go of her hand. She’d managed to get one hole back, but it wasn’t because Ron was off his game, it was just a lucky bounce and he’d shown no sign of letting up.

“I’ll just go toss my stuff into my car and then we can… go back to your place?”

Ron nodded, “I’ll be in the club house waiting.”

They parted ways and on their golf carts and she drove out to her car to put her clubs away, then drove the cart back to the clubhouse and dropped it off.

She of course had no intention of sticking around, she’d be three states over by the time Ron figured out she wasn’t coming back. She made a beeline for her car, quickly got in and then started the engine.

Just as she was about to shift the car into reverse, she heard a rap at the window and there was Ron standing beside her door.

She hesitated for just an instant, but that was a mistake and she suddenly felt her entire body stiffen and freeze.

“Oh, that wasn’t very nice of you Drew. Wind down the window please.” Ron said in a calm voice and her left hand moved over to the window controls and lowered the driver side window.

He leaned in and spoke right next to her ear, “Pull up the GPS and put this address in…” he said and then slowly spoke the address as she typed it into the car’s GPS.

“Good girl. Now, drive directly there and wait for me in the car. Don’t leave or do anything else until I tell you to. Understand?”

“Yes Sir.” she replied against her own will and then he leaned back and walked away from her car towards his own. She shifted her car into reverse and pulled out, leaving the golf course behind and following the GPS instructions.

Drew walked beside Ron, his hand on her ass, as they entered his home and then proceeded through it to the backyard. It wasn’t a large house, just a bungalow, but everything that was in it screamed money.

They walked out the back door together and Drew’s eyes almost popped out of her head when she saw the brunette and redhead standing out on the putting green.

The redhead had her tits out and was pulling up the brunette’s skirt just as she putted the ball towards the hole.

“Stop it! Like, you totally made me miss! giggle” the brunette said and in response the redhead smiled and slipper her hand between the brunette legs.

The brunette moaned and pushed her ass backwards, “Like, come on, you know you totally like this! giggle” the redhead said and then reached up and put her finger just in front of the brunette mouth, who quickly took it between her lips and sucked on it.

“Hey girls.” Ron called out and the two women’s heads instantly swiveled to where his voice was coming from.

“Ronnie!” they both squealed and dropped everything they were doing to wiggle their way over to him and through their arms around him.

After a few kisses and gropings, they broke off from Ron and stood back and looked towards Drew, “Like, who’s this?” the redhead asked.

“Oh, how impolite of me. Sandy, Ivy, this is Drew.” Ron said, waving his hand towards her.

Both women’s eyes lit up and they repeated the greeting they’d just performed on Ron on Drew, including the kissing and groping.

“So, like, what’s her story Ronnie?” Ivy, the brunette asked.

“Oh, well you see Drew is a really good golfer, but a really crappy human being. Kinda like you two were. She tried to run out on bet, so instead, she’s going to spend some time here with us.”

“Yeah!” the two women squealed in glee.

“After all, I’ve been looking for a blonde to complete my set for a while now…”

Drew felt her head spin and her world along with it, when it finally stopped, she looked at her sister and felt a swell of joy fill her as she let out a squeal and embraced them.

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