“Fuck! It was hard to walk in these ballet shoes…” Kim thought to herself as she wobbled towards the chair, grabbing it as soon as she was close enough and kneeling down onto it.

She tossed a looked over her shoulder at Todd, sitting in another identical chair across from her, and tried not to look as frustrated and angry as she was.

She’d done a lot to land him and she wasn’t about to ruin it now just because she was having trouble walking around a bit!

“How do they look baby?” she asked, as sexily as she could muster, and was pleased with the wide smile on his face.

Kim had “targeted” him almost a year ago, when she’d met him at a party and could smell the money wafting off of his expensive suit and shoes. She was the classic gold digger and she was willing to do just about anything to get him to put a ring on her finger.

Perhaps, if she’d know exactly how far she would have had to go, she might have changed her mind. No, that wasn’t true really, she hadn’t done anything she hadn’t be ok with and he’d never pushed either.

Sure, some of his likes and… kinks, had been a little surprising, but nothing she couldn’t handle. Short blonde hair, which she made a mental note to got to the stylist this week again, it was getting too long for his liking. Heavy makeup to hide every little pore and imperfection. Large fake breasts, which she had been fine with getting upgraded for him. Latex, latex and more latex… god she had an entire room in his mansion filled with it.

Her eyes darted to his hand as he moved it slightly, pressing a button in the small black remote he held, and the vibrator in her pussy came to life.

She tossed her head back and stuck her ass out, wiggling it, “Oh god baby! Turn me on! TURN ME ON!” she almost shouted at the end.

That had been the most surprising kink he had, a desire for her to be some kind of remote control sex doll.

She opened her eyes and looked back over at him, he loved it when she leaned into the fantasy that she could be turned on or off with the simple press of a button. She could see his growing hardon exposed through the house coat that he wore and was hanging open. She was a little confused though as he set the remote down on the small table beside his chair and picked up a bright red one.

She shot him a quizzical look, but before she could say anything he pressed a button and for an instant it felt like her feet were covered in ants. Then before she could do anything else, her right leg shot straight out, dropping her onto the chair on her stomach with a gasp.

The feeling quickly shot up her legs and she almost orgasmed as it reached her pussy. As it passed her bellybutton, her lower half twisted around, forcing her upper half to do similarly until her ass was firmly in the seat.

Panic filled her eyes, but it was too late, the feeling raced passed her breasts and over her head as her body stiffened and became as straight as a board, her hands at her sides. Her shoulders resting on the back of the chair, her ass on the edge of the seat, and her feet extended out as far as they would go.

Her eyes rolled back into her head as another orgasm crashed over her and she kicked up from the floor, sending her entire body into the air for just a second before coming down once more. It happened over and over until her mind was empty and she laid there silently.

* * *

Unit 001 bent at its waist and sat upright, wasting no time before rising from the chair and standing at attention. Its eyes unfocused, looking straight ahead into space it stood for a moment before it felt a command enter it’s pussy.

It strode forward, confidently and easily until it was in front of its owner, “Unit 001 is ready for use Sir. How may this unit be of service?”

Another command entered it’s pussy and Unit 001 stook a half step backwards, bent over at the waist, and engulf its owners manhood in its mouth.

Unit 001 performed its task to the best of its abilities and soon received its reward.