Even after all this time she still craved the feeling of the control collar around her neck.

When he’d first placed it on her, she’d struggled and fought against it. Desperate to rip it off, she tried everything to resist it. It only took a few days of wearing it to break down her resistance, and by the end of that first week she hardly gave it a second thought as it guided every thought and action.

Three months later, after it had reshaped not only her mind but her body as well, they removed it and she’d whimpered and begged them to put it back on.

So now she wore a tight necklace or a choker whenever she could, just to feel something pressing against her neck to bring back some semblance of the collar.

She stepped out of the pool and walked over to where her husband was sprawled out on a suncot and sat down on the edge of it. He was old, and fat, and bald, and ugly, and she craved his touch with every ounce of her being, just as the collar had trained her.

She placed her hand on his hairy stomach and ran her fingers down it and into his swim trunks, finding his manhood and taking hold of it. She leaned over him and pushed her tits against his chest, her lips finding his and their tongues dancing between them.

She pulled back after a few moments and smiled, “God I’m so horny baby… can I suck your cock? Please? I really want to suck your cock… please let me suck your cock. I promise I’ll be a good girl and swallow every last drop…” she said and didn’t wait for a reply, instead turning and using both hands to push his trunks down before throwing a leg overtop of him and then wrapping her lips around his hard shaft.

He grabbed her ass as she sucked him off; slapping it, squeezing it, jiggling it and she loved every second of it.

It wasn’t long before she tasted his cum in her mouth and she dove all the way down, taking every drop of it into her throat as her own orgasm crashed over her.

And she kept her promise, swallowing every last drop of it, well after he’d softened and retreated from her throat. She laid on top of him for a while longer, her mouth still on his cock, ensuring every last drop had been extracted from him.

She reached up and touched her choker, a shiver of please running through her as she did. It didn’t matter that she had been a prosecutor tasked with bringing him to justice, all she wanted now was to bring him to orgasm, just as the collar had trained her to do.