“Say, uhm, do ya think he’s watching us?” Alexis as she stroked her long blonde hair and looked over at her roommate Casey.

giggle Like, I hope so!” she replied and wiggled her ass a little as they laid out in the fading light of the day by the pool.

They had moved into the condo tower just a few weeks ago and met Paul when they were using the freight elevator to bring their belongings up. At first neither had really liked him, he seemed a little creepy to both of them, but that had changed a little bit at a time.

Other things had changed too, like Alexis’ dark brown hair, and Casey’s super serious attitude.

Her curiosity getting the better of her, Alexis rolled over and looked down at her tits, holding them in her hands and giving them a jiggle before resting her head back and looking up the condo tower.

She let out a gasp as she focused on Paul’s balcony and saw him looking down at her, “Oh my god! He’s looking right at me!” she exclaimed.

“Really! Like, no fair!” Casey replied and quickly rolled over and looked up to see him. Casey give him a wave, and then realizing that Alexis was still jiggling her tits, pouted.

But not for long as an idea popped into her head and she pulled her top down to expose her tits and she started to play with her nipples.

“You’re such a slut!” Alexis exclaimed and Casey just giggled in reply and continued to put on a show for Paul.

Not to be outdone, Alexis shover her hand into her panties and soon enough they were both masturbating for his viewing pleasure.

Paul looked down with a smile on his face, he was never sure how the reality distortion field he had setup around the condo would work on new tenants, but he was certainly pleased with how it had so far on these two.

Sure, Alexis had changed the most physically so far, with her old hair almost completely gone, a nice dark tan forming on her skin, and both her breasts and ass rounding out quite nicely. Casey had changed much less physically, blonde streaks only just starting to appear in her hair and a lot more to go on the rest of her body.

But Casey had come much farther than Alexis mentally, he’d over heard her giggling like a school girl in the mail room just the other day. Alexis was still retained much more of her old self, but she was changing slowly as well.

He didn’t expect it to take much more than a week or so before he found the two blonde bimbos at his door step wanting to do more than just masturbate for him.

He looked down at them and then looked even farther towards himself to see the mass of blonde hair bobbing back and forth from Tammy’s blowjob. He grabbed a mass of her hair and pulled her off of himself so he could head back into his home. She stood up and quickly followed behind him, the sound of her heels clacking against the concrete of the balcony and then muffled by the carpet.

He flopped down into his favorite chair and Tammy quickly stood in front of him in her six inch heels that still only brought her up to his chin, then dropped down and resumed her work. At six foot four she had towered over him when she arrived, and had a physique to match, being an ex-pro basketball player. She’d moved in with her wife, a much smaller woman, a year ago and now the two of them spent their days on their knees being his personal blowjob machines.

He’d have to check what his custom AI had selected Alexis and Casey for, but he was pretty sure he already knew. It had never let him down before and he’d trained it on a dataset of his personal favorite images he’d collected from the internet over decades. After all, they’d moved into the condo that his last two big titted bimbo’s had left when he’d tired of them, there was little reason to doubt that they’d soon be their replacements.