“Well, like, of course! *giggle*” Stacey replied as she rolled her eyes and hooked her thumb between her breasts and pulled down her top to expose her tits.

The guy stared at her tits and smiled, after a minute or two Stacey pulled her top back up, “Ok, like, see ya! *giggle*” she said and then walked on.

It was hard being a bimbo slut like her, having to stop and show off her tits to every guy that asked her to, it made getting anywhere on time almost impossible!

But then again, that was half the fun of being a bimbo slut!

She giggled to herself as she continued down the street, several more guys staring at her but none of them approaching her until she’d made it all the way to the salon door.

“Hey, are you going to a salon appointment?” he asked as he approached.

She rolled her eyes again, “Like, duh!”

“Cool. I could really use a blowjob from a hot blonde later, why don’t you give me your number.”

She giggled and did and then headed into the salon. She hadn’t been thinking of going blonde today, but she really didn’t think at all so blonde it was!

She felt her phone vibrate in her purse and she figured it was the guy she’d just seen sending her a text. It would be great to suck his cock later, but she doubted it would happen, after all, a bimbo slut like her was so easily distracted she’d have a lot of dick to suck before she ever saw that guy again.

* * *

Three hours later Stacey walked out of the salon, newly blonde with some additional fillers in her lips, she was ready for whatever came next!

Of course what came next was the cock of the Uber driver, then the doorman to her condo, and then the postman deliver mail, and then the next door neighbour who always seemed to know exactly when she was coming home…

* * *

“You dumb bimbo slut, what the fuck do you think your doing!?!” Stacey screamed at the blonde that had just dumped her iced coffee all over her by bumping into her with her massive tits.

“Like, I’m totally sorry!” the blonde replied and tried to wipe off the mess with the tiny little napkin she had been holding her own drink with.

“Stop that you dumb slut, you’re totally useless!” Stacey continued to scream as the blonde’s lower lip quivered and she looked like the water works were about to turn on.

“What’s going on her?” a man’s voice from behind her asked in an intrigued inflection.

“Like, Benny, I apologized and all!” the blonde blurted out before Stacey could say anything. The statement made little sense as the man clearly didn’t have any context for what was going on.

Stacey turned towards the man and suddenly felt an urge to run. There was something menacing about the man, even though he had a wide smile on his lips and a friendly demeanor.

“Oh I’m sorry Miss, Bambi is a real klutz sometimes, she has a hard time remembering how big those tits of hers are. I’m Benny, please accept my apology and I’ll happily pay for the dry cleaning.”

The patronization tone of his voice momentarily overrode her better judgement and she let out once more, “YOUR apology? It was that bimbo slut that caused this mess, not you! She shouldn’t be allowed outside if she can’t keep her tits to herself!”

The smile disappeared from Benny’s face, replaced with a wicked grin, “Oh Bambi is a bimbo for sure, but she’s no slut, she’s all mine and only mine… here, let me prove it to you…”

Benny snapped his fingers and Stacey felt power, ungodly power, crackling in the air. Her body tingled with it as her clothing shifted and changed, going from a conservative brown coffee stained jacket and pants, to a leather miniskirt and top. Her body shifted to fill out the new clothing as well, her tits expanding, her waist contracting, until she looked very little like she had just a moment ago.

Then the power slipped into her mind and after just a moment, Stacey knew she had been very wrong about Bambi, she was definitely a bimbo, but Stacey was tottally a bimbo slut.