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When Plagiarists Strike

Ok, so over the years I’ve had a few people take my work and republish it for profit, without permission of course. Normally they’re pretty blatant and low effort, a quick formatting change and publish on Amazon to try and make a quick buck.

Usually it’s part of a larger scraping of mcstories.com or something else, however recently I discovered an author that did this, and took the time to make more than just cosmetic changes.

The story in question was Trust Fund, which I published back in 2015, and the author renamed all the characters, split up paragraphs, added in punctuation like quotations around thoughts that weren’t required, added in additional “subliminal” commands, etc.

The ebook on Amazon in question is no longer available, the author (AltraTranhttps://www.amazon.com/stores/Altra-Transformer/author/B07M8VFFJ5sformer, who is also on the MCForum as well as Tumblr) has taken it down with a few others by the looks of it after I pointed out the issue on Tumblr.

It’s such a strange thing to have someone take your work and claim it as their own… it’s not like it won’t eventually be found out… it’s the Internet after all!

Anyway, I’d like to thank the reader that pointed out the ebook and the plagiarization, as well as Sadie Thatcher for the kind/supportive e-mails.

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