Aileen walked down the street, half dazed, half confused about what was happening and what had just happened.

What was happening was that she was slowly, but surely, making her way to the large black SUV where Tommy was holding the door open for her.

What had just happened was that her ass had been pounded so hard that she was still finding it difficult to walk. That was bad enough, but there was an envelope of cash in her purse that she’d been paid for it and she was about to give it all to Tommy.

She arrived and quickly pulled the cash out of her purse and handed it to Tommy.

“How did it go?” he asked.

“Very well. He said he wants to see me again very soon.” she replied as she took his proffered hand and stepped into the SUV before he closed the door behind her. She watched him walk around and get into the drivers seat before starting the car and pulling away from the curb.

“Did he say anything else?” Tommy asked after getting into the flow of traffic.

She blushed, not wanting to tell him, but unable not to.

“Yes. He said he liked my expression in the mirror when he stuck his cock into my ass. He said that next time he wants to record it.”

Tommy frowned and shook his head, “Ok, I’ll let the boss know.”

It was only a little relief, as she knew it was against the rules to record her, but that wouldn’t stop the client from fucking her ass again just as hard, or even harder, than he had this time.

The problem was that she wasn’t a prostitute. Or at least she didn’t think of herself as one even if the evidence was stacked against her. She’d come to LA as a model, with an impressive resume and portfolio, to try her hand at acting, only to find little work and significant competition.

It hadn’t taken her long to run through her savings, and when they were gone, she’d gotten desperate and taken any job she could find. Unfortunately for her, that job had ended up being two weeks of intensive brainwashing and physical simulation.

When it was over and she was released from her restraints, she had little control left. They’d put her through her paces, letting dozens of men fuck her in every way imaginable. Then, they’d introduced her to Tommy, her driver. Well, driver, schedular, protection, handler, etc.

He took care of everything now, just as he’d taken her to the last client, and would be taking her to the next one. Her took her to the gym, to the salon, to the clothing stores, everywhere.

“Ok, we’re here.” Tommy said and Aileen looked out of the window and frowned.

“Where is here?” she asked confused, looking out on to the low rise office building.

“Go in to suite 201, ask for Doctor Simons.” Tommy said as he stepped out of the drivers side and then walked around and opened the door for her.

Without saying another word she stepped out of the car and walked into the office. The last time he’d brought her to a doctors office had been four months ago and a few weeks later she was having a rhinoplasty.

She would have wondered what was going to be done this time, but it was obvious. One of her regulars constantly complained about how “natural” her breasts were, and how much better they’d be stuffed full of silicone.

A shiver went through her as she wondered how much it was costing the client, how much they were paying to alter her body in the way they wanted to.

It made her feel important, valuable, useful.

As she entered the office, she wondered if the new client that had reamed her ass just a little while ago, might want her to get her buttocks stuffed full of silicone as well.

A smile crossed her face, not because of the blonde behind the desk had greeted her, but at the idea of a second client moulding her body, and paying for it. She’d have to try as hard as she could to make sure she would be coming back here as soon as she could.